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4 • THE ADVANCED PROCESS PANEL Prompt Connecting String Structure End of File Action Initialize Option Comment Character Recordset Name CommandText CommandType Named Range Table Name Description Connection string used to open ADO connection to the data source. File structure, which can be unformatted, free format, or a specific C or FORTRAN format. Type of action to occur if an end of file condition is reached. Action to be taken on file at beginning of each simulation replication. Character indicating comment record. Name used to identify the recordset in the Expression, ReadWrite, and Variable modules. This name must be unique within the file. This field is available for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel 2007, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Access 2007, and ActiveX Data Objects files. Text of the command that will be used to open the recordset (for example, SQL statement, procedure name, table name.) This field is available for ActiveX Data Object files only. Type of command entered in the CommandText. The named range in the Excel workbook to which the recordset refers. The name of the table in the Access database to which the recordset refers. StateSet module DESCRIPTION The StateSet module is used to define states for a resource or number of resources. The states may be associated with an autostate or may be new states for the resource. The Resource module in the Basic Process panel references the stateset, if any, that a given resource will use. 73

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA TYPICAL USES • States for an operator, such as busy with customer, busy refilling shelves, busy on phone • States for a machine, such as random failure, scheduled failure, busy with setup, busy with processing • States for a doctor, such as scheduled appointments, hospital rounds, paperwork, telephone calls PROMPTS Prompt StateSet Name State Name AutoState or Failure Description Name of set of states that the resource may be assigned during the simulation run. Name of the user-defined state. Used to associate the state name with an autostate (such as Idle, Busy, Inactive, or Failed) or a particular Failure Name. If not used, the state must be assigned by using either the Assign module or the Resource State within the Seize or Process modules. Statistic module DESCRIPTION The Statistic module is used to define additional statistics that are to be collected during the simulation and also to specify output data files. While summary statistics (for example, Average and Maximum) are automatically generated for each statistic, if you specify an output file, then each individual observation (for example, each tally recorded) is written out to an output file. The types of statistics that may be defined in the Statistic module are time-persistent, tallies (observational data), count-based, outputs, and frequency-based. You can also specify custom periodic patterns for statistical data collection. this allows you to collect and track performance statistics by hour, shift, day, or week. You can specify either a repeating or specific (non-repetitive) time-period during a simulation run. For example: • You could use a repeating time-period to gather statistics during an 8-hour work shift or every 1st hour during an 8-hour work shift. • You could use a specific time-period to gather statistics on the third day only during a week-long simulation run. 74

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