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5 • THE ADVANCED TRANSFER PANEL Prompt Units Transfer In Transporter Name Unit Number Conveyor Name Resource Type Resource Name Set Name Release Rule Set Index Attribute Name Expression Description Time units used for the delay time. If a resource, transporter, or conveyor was used to transfer the entity to this station, this can be used to release, free, or exit the device. If Release Resource is selected, the specified resource is released. If Free Transporter is selected, the specified transporter is freed. If Exit Conveyor is selected, the specified conveyor is exited. Name of the transporter to be freed upon arrival to the station. Active when Transfer Name is Free Transporter. Unit number of the transporter if the transporter is multicapacity. Name of the conveyor to exit upon arrival to the station. Type of allocation, either single Resource or resource Set. Name of the resource to release. Active when Transfer Name is Release Resource. Name of the resource set from which the resource is to be released. Determines which member of the set is to be released, either the Last Member Seized, First Member Seized, or Specific Member. Index into the set that determines which member of the set is to be released. Name of the attribute that determines the instance number of the resource to release. Expression value that determines the instance number of the resource to release. Leave module DESCRIPTION The Leave module is used to transfer an entity to a station or module. An entity may be transferred in two ways. It can be transferred to a module that defines a station by 81

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA referencing the station and routing, conveying, or transporting to that station, or a graphical connection can be used to transfer an entity to another module. When an entity arrives at a Leave module, it may wait to obtain a transfer device (resource, transporter, or conveyor). When the transfer device has been obtained, the entity may experience a loading delay. Finally, the entity is transferred from this module to a destination module or station. TYPICAL USES • The end of a part’s production in a series of parallel processes where the part needs a forklift to be transferred to shipping PROMPTS Prompt Name Allocation Delay Units Transfer Out Priority Transporter Name Queue Type Queue Name Queue Set Name Set Index Description Unique name of the module that will be displayed in the flowchart. Type of category to which the entity’s incurred delay time and cost will be added. Specifies a load time incurred after getting a transfer device. Time units used for the delay time. Determines whether a resource (Seize Resource), transporter (Request Transporter), or conveyor (Access Conveyor) is required prior to transferring the entity out of this module. Indicates the priority of the module when either seizing a resource or requesting a transporter when there are entities waiting for that resource/transporter from other modules. This field is not visible when the Transfer Type is None or Access Conveyor. Name of the transporter to request. Type of queue, either a single Queue, queue Set, Internal queue, Attribute, or Expression. Name of the individual queue. Name of the queue set. Defines the index into the queue set. Note that this is the index into the set and not the name of the queue in the set. 82

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