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5 • THE ADVANCED TRANSFER PANEL Prompt Expression Transfer Type Save Attribute Route Time Units Description Determines if an additional user-defined expression is considered in the station selection process. Determines how an entity will be transferred out of this module to its next destination station—either Route, Convey, Transport, or Connect. Defines the name of the attribute that will store the station name that is selected, visible when the transfer method is Connect. Move time of the entity from its current station to the station determined through this module. Time units for route-time parameters. PickStation module — Stations dialog box PROMPTS Prompt Station Name Queue Name Resource Name Expression Description Station name for the selection process. All potential station names are required even though the Number En Route to station may not be a consideration in the PickStation evaluation. Visible only if Number in Queue is checked, it defines the name of the queue corresponding to the station defined. Visible only if Number of Resources Busy is checked, it defines the resource name corresponding to the station defined. Visible only if Expression is checked, it defines an additional expression that will be considered in the station selection process. Route module DESCRIPTION The Route module transfers an entity to a specified station or the next station in the station visitation sequence defined for the entity. A delay time to transfer to the next station may be defined. 85

GETTING STARTED WITH ARENA When an entity enters the Route module, its Station attribute (Entity.Station) is set to the destination station. The entity is then sent to the destination station, using the route time specified. If the station destination is entered as By Sequence, the next station is determined by the entity’s sequence and step within the set (defined by special-purpose attributes Entity.Sequence and Entity.Jobstep, respectively). TYPICAL USES • Send a part to its next processing station based on its routing slip • Send an account balance call to an account agent • Send restaurant customers to a specific table PROMPTS Prompt Name Route Time Units Destination Type Station Name Attribute Name Expression Description Unique name of the module that will be displayed in the flowchart. Travel time from the entity’s current location to the destination station. Time units for route-time parameters. Method for determining the entity destination location. Selection of By Sequence requires that the entity has been assigned a sequence name and that the sequence itself has been defined. Name of the individual destination station. Name of the attribute that stores the station name to which entities will route. Expression that is evaluated to the station name where entities will route. Station module DESCRIPTION The Station module defines a station (or a set of stations) corresponding to a physical or logical location where processing occurs. If the Station module defines a station set, it is effectively defining multiple processing locations. 86

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