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Our Spring Edition is all about love, life long commitments, forgiveness and how to take the best care of our temples. Dr. Sandy Mitchell talks candidly about why she chooses to forgive herself and those who wronged her in the past. Through God's grace, her love for Jesus Christ and the power of forgiveness; she reveals how she overcame rape, domestic abuse, living with sickle cell disease, thoughts of suicide and much more! Special Offer: Purchase our Annual Issue and send your daughter to Dr. Mitchell's E.S.T.E.E.M Summer Butterfly Camp @ $5/week Discounted Rate. June 4 - August 3, 2018 -- Orlando, FL

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CONTENTS 4 Publisher’s Perspective Feature Story 6 How I Met & Married My Man of God 8 True Confessions of a Saved Man 10 12 The Long Term Effects of Sugar Spices of Life Recipes OUR STAFF Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Tanisha Hopson Prayer of Intercession 15 Associate Editor Mark Mcdonald CONTRIBUTING WRITERS DeLonda Adams Chanel Alexandria Mishell Ellis Janita Colbert Janice McMillian Christoph Jenkins Reverend John C. McNeill, Jr.

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