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Our Spring Edition is all about love, life long commitments, forgiveness and how to take the best care of our temples. Dr. Sandy Mitchell talks candidly about why she chooses to forgive herself and those who wronged her in the past. Through God's grace, her love for Jesus Christ and the power of forgiveness; she reveals how she overcame rape, domestic abuse, living with sickle cell disease, thoughts of suicide and much more! Special Offer: Purchase our Annual Issue and send your daughter to Dr. Mitchell's E.S.T.E.E.M Summer Butterfly Camp @ $5/week Discounted Rate. June 4 - August 3, 2018 -- Orlando, FL


Y too. WHO IS ADDING VALUE TO YOUR LIFE? ou are valuable, and every minute of your life is valuable Relationships can take you to the greatest heights of your life, or bring you down to your very last ounce of energy. Can I get an Amen?? Consider the 6 pm nightly News… It is filled with stories of how this works every evening. So, as you examine the happenings of your life today, ask yourself: “Who is adding value to my life?” If you intend to go where God has purposed for you to go, this question is a key factor to unlocking your greatest potential. Proverbs 13:20 says,” He that walketh with wise men shall be wise; but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” I can name countless times in my life where my friends have helped to steer me away from trouble, which could have changed the course of my life forever. In many of these instances, my friends gave me advice worth millions in time, m o n ey a n d s p i r i t u a l / emotional despair. I thank God for these people because they continue to encourage me to do and be a better person. PUBLISHER’S PERSPECTIVE 4

OPTIMAL LIVING SPRING ISSUE Bishop T.D. Jakes once said, “If you're the smartest person in your circle, you're in the wrong circle – you've outgrown it. It's time to move to the next level. ” And, I wholeheartedly believe this to be true. Your life's journey will have some ups and downs, in many instances to help you grow into the man or woman God intended you to be. If you are walking along your journey and find yourself slipping backwards from God's best for you, you should stop what you are doing right now and examine who is on your team. Get into your reflection zone and ask yourself the following questions: Who has your best interest at heart, no matter what the circumstance? If you fall out with this person, will they speak ill will of you to others in an attempt to damage your reputation? Or, will they love you enough to keep your secrets to themselves until your friendship is in a better space? Who is constantly feeding your soul and spirit? Are these people constantly withdrawing from you or depositing something positive into your life? Are you able to pour back into their lives (in the same manner)? Take inventory of who is in your circle of “friends”. Ask God to bring people into your life that will help you to continually produce good fruit in your life. If your life is not being enhanced by your circle of “friends”; re-evaluate the relationships and take appropriate action in love. Peace, Love & Blessings, T.R. Hopson Editor-in-Chief, Optimal Living Magazine Web: Email: publisher@optimal 5

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