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MINIRAIL PROFILED MINIATURE GUIDEWAY Reliable and ultra-fast precision engineering MlNlRAlL represents the latest generation of miniature guide ways for sophisticated applications. They are extremely robust, and their smooth running, precision, and reliability are demonstrated in every application. Benefits: • • No bolted parts • Speed 5 m/s • Acceleration max. 300 m/s 2 • High durability Industries: • Biotechnology • Metrology • Semiconductor Equipment • Micro-automation • Medical Equipment • Laboratory Automation • Optical Industry • Robotics, Pick & Place SCHNEEBERGER LINEAR TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD. 38 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 2 #01-04, Singapore 569511 Phone. +65 6841 2385 Fax. +65 6841 3408 Email:

If your 5G idea works here… it will work here. Mobile connectivity faster than a speeding bullet train. Up to 500 km/h. Soon it will be reality. A world connected as never before. Always available. Amazingly fast. Ultra-high mobility. That’s the promise of 5G. New spectrum. New waveforms. Millimeter-waves. Beamforming. More. Keysight o ers the able to emulate your real-world 5G wireless thesis. With deep expertise to help you navigate 5G risk and complexity. So you can go from 5G ideas to 5G reality faster. 5G Get the latest app notes, white papers and tutorials t HARDWARE + SOFTWARE + PEOPLE = 5G INSIGHTS T: +65 - 6908 4830 E: © Keysight Technologies, Inc. 2016

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