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Herald Highfields, Crows Nest, Meringandan, Blue Mountain Heights, Harlaxton, Mt Kynoch, North Toowoomba, Gowrie Junction, Cabarlah, Geham, Haden, Hampton, Cooyar, Ravensbourne, Goombungee, Oakey, 11,976 Bowenville, Kingsthorpe, Gowrie Little Plain, Boodua, Glencoe, Peranga, Maclagan, Quinalow and Kulpi WEEK STARTING APRIL 10, 2018 - 4615 4416 Keeping communities connected High Country Puppy love Highfields Pioneer Village Easter Festival - page 6 Showgirl judging this Saturday - page 5 The Brymaroo Rodeo at Easter was a day out for these miniature Dachshunds and their handlers, Olivia and Kelly Webb, Beachmere, and Britney Stapleton, Rosewood. - MILES NOLLER PHOTO. SHARE OUR PASSION FOR LEARNING AT OPEN DAY Saturday 21 April, 10am to 2pm Learning is at the heart of everything we do. 1800 CONCORDIA |

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