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Southern View: April 10, 2018

8 Tuesday

8 Tuesday April 10 2018 Latest Christchurch news at SOUTHERN VIEW Kirkwood Intermediate School of Choice Year 7 camp at Purau Bay This is a great way for the children to get to know each other. From the left: Seth, Kaitlyn, Katie, Angus, Ethan, Emma, Aria and Ben Celebrating Kirkwood House Captains for 2018 House Captains for Mansfield/Hillary Ben - Ex Springston School I enjoy Kirkwood because everyone is friendly and the learning environment is great. I would like to be a good role model for the Year 7’s and 8’s as well as make Kirkwood enjoyable for everyone. Camp was a blast! We developed friendships, experienced Canadian canoeing, abseiling, camping and enjoyed yummy food. When we were at camp, we learnt to cooperate with each other. We had the most amazing parent helpers which we really enjoyed. We had to work things out when things were not right and we had to listen to instructions when the parents and teacher said so. Most of all we had fun. Manthan (Room 10) Aria - Ex Springston School Kirkwood has a friendly environment that embraces everyone. The school provides many opportunities and the technology is amazing. I want to make the school a better place by embracing everyone’s culture and to be a good role model. House Captains for Sheppard/Freyberg Seth - Ex Prebbleton School I enjoy the environment and the learning at Kirkwood. I would like to motivate and support others to achieve their goals. Kaitlyn - Ex Lincoln Primary School I love the learning style, and how supportive and helpful the teachers are, all the opportunities there are and how Kirkwood will set me up for high school. This year, I want to be able to leave something for future pupils and be able to organise events to make school more exciting. House Captains for Britten/Te Kanawa Katie - Ex Clearview Primary School I love the learning style, the great opportunities that Kirkwood provides and the friendly staff and children that go to Kirkwood. I want to achieve my best at everything and take up every opportunity provided. Angus - Ex Prebbleton School I love the opportunities, chances and the friendly people at Kirkwood. I want to meet lots of new people and help make this year better for everyone. House Captains for Rutherford/Batten Ethan - Ex Oaklands School I love the fun and happy environment that Kirkwood has. I want to do my best at everything. Emma - Ex Prebbleton School I enjoy the different opportunities in sporting and academic competitions as well as the open, friendly and welcoming aura that surrounds the school. This year, I would like to make a positive impression on the future Year 8’s and to encourage others to achieve to the best of their abilities. Our second day of camp at Purau Bay we did Canadian canoeing. At first the waves and the paddles did not cooperate but we found out it is about us and the paddles. We had to work together. The person at the front had to choose what speed we were going to go, the person in the middle is like the engine of the canoe where they had to follow the momentum of the person in front. The person at the back controls the direction. Everyone must always be ready to change the direction if it is necessary. Megan (Room 10) Open Day/Night Tuesday 3 July The school swimming pool has been a great way to cool off this summer. Please visit our website for information and to download an enrolment form or ring the office on 348 7718. Phil Tappenden, Principal Kirkwood INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL 260 Riccarton Road, Christchurch Email: Phone 03 348 7718 Fax 03 348 1085

SOUTHERN VIEW Latest Christchurch news at Tuesday April 10 2018 9 News Retaining top spot aim of chorus • By Georgia O’Connor-Harding A TOP a cappella American coach is helping some of the city’s best barbershop singers win a national competition for the 11th time. Lea Beverley will be working with the Christchurch City Chorus over the next month to help it win the Sweet Adelines New Zealand regional contest in May at Wellington. Already the chorus is one of Australasia’s highest achieving Lea Beverley women’s a cappella choruses having won the national competition 10 times in a row. Beverley arrived in the city last weekend and is touring the country to teach other a cappella singers. “I love New Zealand . . . the people are amazing, the country is beautiful and the singers throughout the country are so devoted to getting better,” Beverley said. She said she will be mostly working on helping the chorus to sing “with a lot of emotion.” “I work on the technical elements like singing the vowels properly . . . consonants and singing all the words together,” she said. As part of its preparations for the competition, the chorus will present concert A Cappella Champions On Show at St Margaret’s College later this month to preview its competition package. The show will be hosted by Beverley. The chorus performed the show to finish fifth in the 2016 Sweet Adelines International Chorus Competition in Las Vegas. “We want to be first one day but we are slowly creeping up,” musical director Virginia Humphrey-Taylor said. She said the chorus got Beverley to help train the new people joining. “New people are always joining the group . . . we want to make sure everybody is trained. We always have new music we have to sing at a high level,” she said. The chorus is hoping to win in Wellington so it can take part in the international competition in New Orleans next year. Humphrey-Taylor said the chorus will be taking on more “show music” this year performing songs including Elton John’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight and Vera Lynn’s A Nightingale FULL VOICE: Virginia Humphrey- Taylor performing with the Christchurch City Chorus. Sang In Berkeley Square. Beverley first came to New Zealand to teach in 2009 and has since judged the regional competition three times. She is classically trained as a pianist, but joined Sweet Adelines 22 years ago. Three of the choruses she runs have won nine regional competitions and placed in the top 10 in the international competition six times. The Christchurch City Chorus will perform A Cappella Champions On Show at the Charles Luney Auditorium, St Margaret’s College on April 21. •To book tickets go to or phone 021976572 Local News Now Fire rages, homes at risk New bid to fix car park potholes • By Sophie Cornish WORKSAFE NEW Zealand has been approached in a bid to finally repair the potholes in New Brighton’s Hawke St car park. Coastal-Burwood Ward city councillor David East wants WorkSafe to pressure the car park’s private owners into repairing the potholes which are a “trip and vehicle” hazard. WorkSafe chief inspector assessments southern Darren Handforth said it may be able to take action under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. Mr Handforth said WorkSafe is aware of the concerns raised by Cr East about the car park. Different parts of the car park are owned by various people and the Coastal-Burwood Community Board recently wrote to them about its concerns around health and safety. Cr East said the biggest issue in the past has been getting in touch with the landlords and owners and getting them to agree to anything. One reply has been received so far from an owner who is willing to discuss the issue. All the owners would have to agree to undertake any work. Frocks, Feathers & Fabrication John Emery’s latest exhibition at Little River Gallery Although born and raised in the American Midwest, John Emery has spent the past twenty-five years shuttling back and forth between Dayton, Ohio and Burkes Pass, New Zealand, where he established a second home and studio in 2000. “It is not just the object, but also its history--its veritable shadow-- that I set out to record in my work. It is the fragmented story that haunts me. Memories, symbolism, physical similarities, all play a part in creating the “fabrication”. Objects are often from a bygone era, or worn with repeated use, reflecting time’s passage. At times they are literally in pieces: the shattered porcelain, the cast-off sardine tin, a bird feather, or watching the flight of a fantail. In reclaiming them for my own tromp l’oiel still life constructions, I conjure them into a new world. Like life itself, each work resonates with both the story and history associated with some objects, and the imagined potential of others. My painting process typically begins with a solitary object, a toy bear, or a Victorian hunting dress. A visual narrative is then constructed in the same way that I fabricated stories about the neglected objects found in my grandparents’ long forgotten trunks. As with all my works, some elements become three-dimensional as I form them from paper, the most versatile material I know” John Emery. Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind. --Nathaniel Hawthorne Christchurch City Council Strengthening Communities Funding If your organisation needs funding to make things happen in your community applications are now open for the Strengthening Communities Fund. Applications are invited from not-for profit community groups who contribute to community well being in the areas of community, social, recreation, sports, arts, environment or heritage. Applications are accepted from Tuesday 3 April until midnight Tuesday 8 May 2018. Frocks, Feathers & Fabrications John Emery 7 APRIL – 9 MAY 2018 Visit or phone 941 8999 for more information. The Invincibles Killer Look Main Rd, Little River | 03 325 1944