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How Is Double Eyelid Surgery Done?

Double eyelid surgery is a very common and popular cosmetic operation among East Asian women, mainly Chinese.


Double eyelid surgery in Korea is done in the following three methods: 1. Full Incision method Full incision method means removal and reconfiguration of the entire eyelid tissue and then creating the necessary folds. Your plastic surgeon will extend the line of your eyelid where it will fold towards the top end of the eye leaving a bit of space and cause the creases. The double eyelid line goes beyond the last third of your eye. This is the most natural looking double eyelid surgery. But this also takes the longest to heal and look seamless. Full incision method is permanent and pretty much irreversible. 2. Buried sutured non-incision method The buried sutured method does not mess with the original form of your eyelid. Instead, to create the folds, your surgeon will bury small sutures above the eyes in different types of loops depending on how you want your fold. The best part about this method is, if you change your mind or want to go back to how you looked, your surgeon can do that too quite easily. All he would need to do is take out the buried sutures.

3. Partial incisional method Partial incisional surgery method is an effective and ideal replacement of the full incision method because of its quicker recovery and lesser scars. To operate a double eyelid surgery via partial incisional method, the surgeon incises small segments along the eyelid and extends the line up to the last third of the eyes, as opposed to going beyond in the full incision method of surgery. A Korean double eyelid surgery follows any one of these above-mentioned techniques. Website: Contact no: +82 10 3307 1175

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