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Selwyn Times: April 11, 2018

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2 12 [Edition datE] Your guide to Show Homes & New Sections in the Selwyn District Home heating – electricity, gas or wood? How you heat your home depends on a number of factors. Figuring out the best way to heat your home continues to be a matter for debate. Several things are undisputed. A warm, dry home is essential for comfort and good health, good insulation dramatically increases the efficiency of any heating system and ventilation is an important consideration. Most homes are heated by electricity, gas, or wood. In New Zealand, heating accounts for approximately 30 percent of a home’s annual energy consumption. There are many things you can do to reduce consumption and cost. The World Health Organisation recommends a temperature of 18 deg C for indoor living areas, and slightly less for bedrooms. It recommends slightly higher temperatures for vulnerable people – the elderly and small children. Studies have shown that indoor temperatures below 12 degrees can disrupt sleep. Among all these considerations, how you heat your home is a matter of personal choice, with many options available. Heat pumps are generally the most common and cost-effective form of home heating in New Zealand. Used properly, they heat quickly and are convenient. However, you need to have the right sized unit for the area and they don’t work when electricity is not available. They tend to be room-specific but ducted heat pumps are becoming more popular and are costeffective, especially in new builds, but can also be installed into established homes. Modern wood burners may be the closest you can get to an open-fire feel, but are much more efficient. Wood is generally a renewable fuel, and if you have a cheap or free supply, a wood burner may be the least expensive heating option. They heat large areas and are not dependent on electricity but there is the chopping and stacking to be done, flues need to be cleaned regularly and older models can contribute to air pollution and may violate strict air quality regulations – www.mfe. has detailed information regarding this. Pellet fires are typically more efficient than wood burners but can have a smaller output. They require electricity but some have a battery backup and they are thermostatically controlled with timers. These must comply with regulations which are also detailed on the Ministry for the Environment website. Gas heating is common and convenient. Central heating systems can be zone controlled and provide warm air circulation. Flued gas heaters are best, as unflued and portable gas heaters produce lots of moisture and emit pollutants that can be unsafe. Flued gas heating systems can be installed in most homes. They are fast heating and are relatively inexpensive to run. However gas is not a renewable resource and prices can vary widely. The greatest source of energy is actually free. Harnessing the sun can dramatically reduce heating costs and is the most environmentally friendly way to heat your home. Passive heating combines insulation with good design, accomplished more effectively in new builds but also able to be incorporated into existing homes. Getting the sun’s warmth into your home is a function of the design; keeping it in is a function of the insulation. There is a wealth of information online as passive heating becomes normative in the design and building industry. Websites such as energywise.govt. nz and have comprehensive information on and tips for, heating your home in the colder months. Artisan Homes Builders of superior homes. Built to last. Winners in Registered Master Builders House of the Year Awards Visit our new show home - Faringdon South Show Home Village East Maddisons Road | Phone: 03 374 9172 Phone 03 374 9172 Rob 021 324 876 email

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