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M5 Threads Probe bays

M5 Threads Probe bays sold separately. Part Number Use VAST probe racks Q-Mark PROBE STYLI X axis size (mm) Tiers Cost VAS-PCM-550 550 Single $1,100.00 VAS-PCM-550-X 550 Double $1,500.00 VAS-PCM-700 700 Single $1,150.00 VAS-PCM-700-X 700 Double $1,550.00 VAS-PCM-1000 1000 Single $1,200.00 VAS-PCM-1000-X 1000 Double $1,800.00 VAST bays Part Number Cost VAS-BAY $290.00 Part Number ST probe racks X axis size (mm) Tiers Cost PCM-550 550 Single $800.00 PCM-550-X 550 Double $1,550.00 PCM-700 700 Single $850.00 PCM-700-X 700 Double $1,600.00 PCM-1000 1000 Single $900.00 PCM-1000-X 1000 Double $1,700.00 PCM-1600 1600 Single $1,000.00 PCM-1600-X 1600 Double $2,000.00 Probe bays sold separately. PCM-Mini rack Part Number Cost PCM-MINI $750.00 Mini probe change rack with two levels, 720 mm wide x 450 mm tall. Bolts to CMM table with stainless cap screw (included). Holds probe bays for XXT, RDS and/or VAST (VAST bays shown). Probe bays sold separately. 54

Cube Squared TM Use Q-Mark PROBE STYLI The CUBE SQUARED TM In one minute or less, our new CUBE SQUARED squares up VAST and VAST-XT adapter plate cubes to the CMM axis. No other tools needed. It’s fast, accurate, and unconditionally guaranteed. Patent pending. Part Number Cost QM-C2 $195.00 QM-C2P $245.00 55

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