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end of the decade.

end of the decade. Median house prices are expected to lose 1.4 per cent a year over the next two financial years before bottoming out. They should show no growth in the year to June 2019 as a result of rising supply. The value of real estate in Queensland? REIQ analysis Overall, the real estate market on the Sunshine Coast held strong with the HPI (Housing Price Index) continuing to trend in the positive, up 25% over March last year to $480,608. Total dollar volume for the month of March is up 14% across the Sunshine Coast to $44,412,125. Unit sales are down 55% over last March with 83 homes and property sold, while the average price of all property is $535,085 down 4% and a sales success ratio of 16% making it a balanced market overall.The housing market continues to be competitive for home buyers on the Sunshine Coast with 528 available homes and land for sale and 150 newly listed properties for sale in March. Nationally, RP Data estimates housing wealth at $5.2 trillion, however Queensland now accounts for more than 15% of this estimation, according to CEO of the Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) Anton Kardash. assisting the Gold Coast and north Queensland in particular since the GFC. Confidence was also noted to be returning in north and central Queensland, as well as the south-east, with particular reference to the Sunshine Coast. “The state’s real estate renaissance is reflected by a wide range of indicators, from strong price growth and higher sales volumes to more new housing construction and finance approvals.” Final Words: Australian property is one the widest and deepest asset bubbles in the history of capitalism. Any objective assessment of this “market” can lead to no other conclusion. With a long history of commitment to home ownership, Australians have always been prepared to structure their finances around property. This showed up in a total dwelling stock to GDP ratio that persisted around a very high 150% from 1960 to 1990. In the late 1990s that shot up to 200% and then embarked on near ceaseless climb to 360% today. Moreover, Sunshine Coast tops on list of real estate investments in Australia. In fact, with Brisbane become increasingly popular for investors, and values ticking up, this is only set to increase. “Queensland residential housing is more popular than ever with investors, who see an enormous upside as confidence rebounds in the local real estate market,” said Kardash, pointing to strong buyer sentiment and sales activity

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