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Safari & Singapore River

Safari & Singapore River Tour Zoo wildlife, which is an experience that does not A visit at Singapore would not be complete without a visit to the iconic River Safari and Singapore Zoo. Through the Amazon River Quest, participants can expect to be within close proximity of come by everyday. The key takeaway from the guided tours would be the need to show care to not just other human beings but also other living things around us City Farming @ Urban Farm Citizen Journey @ Learning by the Bay (GBTB) Gardens With the fast changing landscape in Singapore, Singapore has always been known to be a Garden City beyond its borders. However, the the need for best use of land is critical. recent focus of the government has been At Citizen Farm, the students will be towards transforming Singapore into a "city in a garden", of which the first step towards that introduced how farming is made possible in the urban city of Singapore – where we being the conceptualization and building of become more self-sufficient by growing food in the GBTB. underutilized spaces like rooftops, under The tour at GBTB aims to help students marry viaducts, and everywhere in between. the idea of economic development and habitat preservation together towards the idea of More importantly, they will be exposed to sustainable farming model in advocating zero sustainable development through unique, experiential learning opportunities waste.

Program Venues Immersion @ Cultural Street Bugis Bugis Street is a shopping heaven in Singapore specifically catered towards the younger demographic. Students will get to bask in the emanating youthful vibes as they stroll down the shopping aisles and lanes. They will also be having a free and easy dinner, all of which will undoubtedly provide them with a glimpse of the leisure life of an average Singaporean teen. FOR MORE INFORMATION

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