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10 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Website

10 Tips to Secure Your WordPress

10 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Website WordPress is an open source code used to create a website so that you can secure your website as the security of the website is a very important thing. Install security plugins and follow some points for your website security. Here are some tips to secure your website from hackers. 1. Install a WordPress Security Plugin There are many WordPress security plugins to keep your website secure in the market but out of those many, few plugins are described below 1.1 Wordfence Security Wordfence security plugin is the most popular and free security plugin over 22 Million downloaders. It shows a summary of activity and enables features on the dashboard. All the featured options are in Wordfence general options. It also provides features like blocked by IP, blocked by country, firewall, scan scheduling, firewall, traffic tracking and much more. It also has premium version for more features. 1.2 iTheme Security iTheme security is also popular security plugin for a secure WordPress development website. It is developed by iThemes. It refuses multiple incorrect logins and uses secure passwords by auto blocking. It will avoid hackers by refusing the multiple failed login attempts. 1.3 All In One WP Security & Firewall All in one WP Security plugin secure your WordPress website with the secure platform. It is easy to understand and use all the features of that. It will also secure your website with many features like account security, lowest login attempts, file security with backup and restore, firewall and much more.

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