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10 Tips to Secure Your WordPress Website

1.4 BulletProof Security

1.4 BulletProof Security BulletProof Security plugin is also a free and open source plugin to secure your website using one click wizard, security of login, database backup logging, changes of WordPress default table prefix, corn for delete old backup and email for every backup.?It also has premium version to secure your website with more options. 2. Password Protection Password security is most important thing to secure your WordPress website. Use some special characters, capitals, numbers and mismatch word in your password. Never use same login password in different websites. If you are using, change it. Because it’s very easy to hack your website.try to use auto generate a password to secure your website. Try to use WordPress Password Security for making your website secure. 3. Keep Website Updated If you are using an outdated version of WordPress, plugins and theme. It has a chance to hack your website. When every any update are come from any of the plugins or themes kindly update. And if you are using premium plugin or theme keep that update with that key. Never use an old version of theme, plugin and WordPress also. It is the best way to secure your website. 4. Backup Plans Backup of websites files and database is most important part of website security. Keep backup as per your preference like weekly, monthly, yearly and store in safe place to restore if in case your site is hacked. There are lots of free plugin to backup your website like BackUpWordPress, BackWPup, Duplicator, WP-DB-Backup. Also, have premium plugins like BackupBuddy and much more. 5. Secure Your Server With Super Admin Permissions Set proper permission to all files and directories in your server. Every files and directories need to have three type of permissions such as read(r), write(w) and execute(x). Make sure your files have 644 permissions and folders or directories have 755 permissions to secure your website. 6. WordPress Brute Force Attacks Protections Secure your website with brute force attacks, active WordPress Brute Force Protection plugin provided by iTheme security pro plugin which secure your website with failed login attempts by the user who can try to guess a password with different logins. It will ban user after limited incorrect login attempts. 7. Setup Two Factor Authentication Use two-factor authentication to securely login with two different components. Here, administrator has different options to maintain login with either security question or secret code. It has different option for login URLs and login options. 8. Malware Malware can capture unauthorised data of any website. WordPress provide lot of free and premium plugin to clean the malware. Malware comes when your website is hacked. Clean the recently updated file to remove malware otherwise, use the plugin to clean malware. Use Anti-Malware Security and Brute-Force Firewall plugin to secure your site. 9. Protect Your Files Using .htaccess. It is the main file of your file structure because it is affected directly on your permalink. You can

write any code in this file to protect your website and also you can remove duplication of your .htaccess. Use htaccess to rewrite rule and also insert IP address in the proper way. 10. Security with Version Remove WordPress version number of your website. It can directly be captured by view source of any website. Using the WordPress version, hacker can easily hack your site. Most of the security plugins have option to hide the version of WordPress. Use security plugin to secure your website follow some of the points mentioned above for better security of the website. Contact Us Address : 3405 Pennsylvania Common, Fremont, CA 94536 USA Email : Phone : +1 (607) 524-4040 Website :

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