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It started with a Kiss NZ Catalogue 2018

112 111 110 New

112 111 110 New Beginnings 113 10 110. $999 0.18ct of Diamonds in 9ct Rose Gold. SJ5373. 111. $1,999 0.50ct of Diamonds in 9ct Rose Gold. SJ5468. 112. $349 9ct Rose Gold Wheat Chain 45cm. SJ1125. 113. $2,299 0.75ct of Diamonds in 9ct Rose Gold. SJ5469.

A match made in heaven Together, we can help you find a ring that marries your unique sense of style with your eye for enduring quality and craftsmanship. After all, when your love is destined to last forever you’ll require a ring that’s made to match. 030 030. $4,499 Bridal Set 0.60ct of Diamonds in 18ct White Gold. SJ5456. 11

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