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Netjets Volume 4 (2018)


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Interior elegance Linda Pinto in the living room of the Parisian apartment she inherited from her brother Alberto OWNER PROFILE The Beautiful World of Linda Pinto AS THE PARISIAN INTERIOR DESIGNER GETS SET TO UNVEIL ONE OF THE CITY OF LIGHTS’ PREMIER PROJECTS – THE FULLY RENOVATED HÔTEL LAMBERT – SHE SAT DOWN WITH ALEXANDER LOBRANO TO TALK ABOUT INSPIRATIONS, THE CRUCIAL ROLE OF COLOURS AND A NEW GLOBAL PARTNERSHIP WITH THIERRY DESPONT COURTESY LINDA PINTO On a drizzly dove-grey morning in a stylish salon with a beautiful braided raffia carpet, African masks and potted white orchids at her offices in the heart of Paris, Linda Pinto changes the subject. The director and owner of one of the world’s most legendary interiordesign companies has just been talking about overseeing the renovation the Hôtel Lambert, an elegant 17th-century mansion designed by the French neoclassical architect Louis Le Vau and built between 1640 and 1644 on the Île Saint Louis in Paris’s 4th arrondissement. Awarded to the Cabinet Alberto Pinto at the beginning of the decade, this is one of the most prestigious interior commissions in France for many years, and this is why the world’s art-anddesign community is awaiting its unveiling this summer with bated breath. “It’s been an immensely challenging and rewarding project, and we’re very proud of the work we’ve done there,” says Linda Pinto, a striking woman with a soft bob of silver hair and warm, bemused smile. Now she pauses briefly, and then she segues into the role of solicitous hostess by offering coffee. “So where do you live in Paris?” she asks her visitor, me, to the polite consternation of her assistant. Pinto’s vivacity and graciousness preclude a conventional interview, because she’s just too innately curious about anyone she meets to sit still for a non-stop volley of one-way questions. Instead she prefers to initiate the kind of charming shaggy-dog-style conversation that happens at a really good dinner party. This is because Pinto is a master of what the French call l’art de recevoir (the art of receiving, or hospitality). After a bit of chat about how travel always nourishes creative inspiration and the professional trip she was making to Hong Kong that evening – “I love the food there, and it’s > 31 NetJets

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