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Netjets Volume 4 2018

Norlan Whisky Glass

Norlan Whisky Glass Master distiller Jim McEwan has been something of an enfant terrible in the whisky business for more than five decades. If there’s a rule, McEwan breaks it; if there’s a tradition, McEwan is almost always the first to test whether it’s useful or stifling – as his wonderfully diverse range of bottlings at Bruichladdich attest. Now he’s created a glass that challenges our expectations of sipping: double-walled with a concave lip and faceted base, both the hue of the whisky and – more importantly – the aroma reach their fullest expression, offering yet another evolution of the whisky experience thanks to McEwan’s inventiveness. RICH MIX Club Corner THE LATEST IN SHEER INDULGENCE, FROMNEWLY RELEASED SPIRITS TO A REVOLUTIONARY GLASS AND A HANDSOME TOME, AS COMPILED BY FARHAD HEYDARI 1 BOWMORE 1966 Just 74 bottles of this Islay-made whisky are available, a prime example of the distillery’s 1960s citrus fruit character aged in ex-bourbon hogsheads – and very collectable. 2 GLEN GARIOCH THE RENAISSANCE: 3RD CHAPTER From one of Scotland’s oldest Highland distilleries this 17-year-old unpeated bottling is a wonder of honeyed smoothness with a soft citrus kick. 3 COMPASS BOX HEDONISM: THE MUSE Blended whiskies are deservedly having a resurgence and the latest limited edition from Compass Box, the industry leader, celebrates women on the label, marking the first time the firm has had more female than male employees. 4 OLD FORESTER STATESMAN Among its most flavourful releases, here the Kentucky distillery makes use of the bourbon casks in the top of the rickhouses, emphasising the sweet oak of the barrels. 5 TWEEDDALE EVOLUTION A masterful blend of rich Speyside single malts with a quality single grain spirit, the result is a spellbinding twist on modern whisky, despite the remarkable 28-year-old age statement, extremely old for a blended bottling. 6 UWA TEQUILA The first of its kind in many ways, the Scottish boutique tequila brand ages its 100% agave spirit in Speyside whisky casks, giving the classic Mexican liqueur a dynamic new flavour profile. 7 ESPRIT DE FIGUES Crafted in Burgundy by a family distillery, the lilachued spirit is yet another first of its kind, with the alluring nose and taste of figs, making it a wonderful post-prandial over ice or a surprisingly versatile addition to the cocktail cabinet. COURTESY THE VENDORS; BACKGROUND: IVAN NERU / ISTOCK 72 NetJets

GIN LOVE THE ICONIC SPIRIT CONTINUES ITS CREATIVE FLOURISHING WITH A TRIO OF NOTABLE NEWCOMERS The Art in Whiskey Whisky is the most evocative of spirits, an oak-aged elixir that combines the beauty of pure, natural materials with exceptional human skill. It is both a fitting accompaniment to life’s biggest moments and a powerful way, in one sniff, to recall memories from years or even decades ago. This new oversized tome from publisher Spiorad is a fitting tribute to the spirit, with magnificent photos by Jon Purcell that trace the creation process, taking in the bucolic coasts of Ireland and Islay, the Scottish highlands, the heat of Taiwan and the forests of Japan, among other places. Available in limited edition with copper or leather cover. OLD CURIOSITY APOTHECARY ROSE Flower power is back with a naturally distilled gin from the inventive Edinburgh firm, this one using one of the oldest rose varieties on the globe. ELEPHANT GIN Aged gin is making a spiriting comeback globally, but this bottling – handcrafted in Germany from rye grown in Africa, aged in oak – is something truly unique. 8 HAVANA CLUB TRIBUTO 2018 The whisky cask proves its versatility yet again in the latest Cuban rum by Havana Club, a limited release of 2,500 bottles aged in distinctively smoky casks to complement the rum’s natural sweetness with a deep, earthy note. 9 CORTE VETUSTO MEZCAL ESPADIN Perhaps the best known of the artisanal mezcals, Corte Vetusto’s latest – named after the type of agave used – is a celebration of the spirit, an unaged, doubledistilled masterstroke. 10 FOUR FOX SAKÉ Using ingredients sourced from the mountains of Niigata, Four Fox has succeeded where so many saké brewers have not: by making a spirit so delectable that it can be enjoyed accompanied by any sort of cuisine – or even on its own. 11 KARUIZAWA 1964 One of the world’s most collectable brands, Karuizawa’s 1964 bottling, a 51-year-old spirit, is the longest ever matured and makes use of one of the last casks remaining from the 1960s. Just 43 bottles are available through Wealth Solutions. ROKU The latest from Suntory is named after the six native Japanese botanicals that give it a delicate, sophisticated flavour profile, a rare gin that can be enjoyed neat. 73 NetJets

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