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Ludiano, Bellinzona and

Ludiano, Bellinzona and Upper Ticino Ticino’s food and wine.,,, Traditions vs international gastronomy. In Ticino opposites coexist. Traditions are deeply-rooted: the best example is the grotto, where local and visitors love to meet. These taverns feature a terrace with granite tables canopied with grape vines and cozy small interiors with fi replace. The cuisine is rural and genuine. If you’re craving sophisticated and creative dishes, your Michelin Star or GaultMillau rated restaurant might be next door. For exotic lovers, the region also provides Chinese, Indian and Halal cuisine. Food & Wine tour Lugano. NEW Take a guided tour through the old city of Lugano during which the participant will make several stops to taste various specialties from Ticino and other Swiss regions, including the delicious local Merlot wine. Finish the tour with a “gelato” tasting along with a sample of the local “nocino”! Info: 141250 Search Ticino Experience – Losone. While showing an amusing 40-minute fi lm, visitors will taste local products, from alpine cheese and salami, to Merlot wine and Slow Food products. A sensorial journey of scents and fl avors within a very special setting not to be missed! Opening: March to October, daily except Sundays and Mondays. Upon reservation only Daily show: Once a day, 6.00 p.m. on weekdays and 5.00 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays. Max. 45 people Entrance fee: 28 CHF/adult, groups CHF 23/adult, 10% TO Info: 104481 Contact: Albergo Losone, Cruise & Cook – Lugano. A charming cruise on Lake Lugano and a stop on the opposite shore of the city, to enjoy a drink on a terrace with a wonderful view of the region. Besides, the participants can cook a typical Ticino meal with the help of an expert chef. Search 20 Details: Cruise on Lake Lugano and risotto or pasta workshop. Min.15 - max. 30 pax upon reservation Price/Person: Risotto workshop 112 CHF, Pasta Workshop 150 CHF (net price). Discount with Swiss Travel Pass of 19 CHF per person Duration: 4 hours Contact: Ms. Patricia Carminati, Info: 50276 Search

Vineyards, Mendrisiotto Region Alprose chocolate factory – a world of sweetness. Visitors are invited to participate in a unique and exciting experience by observing all the phases of production from the creamy liquid to the solid forms. Immersed in the strong aromas they are also enticed to make a stop at the on-site shop. Opening: year-round, 9.00 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. Entrance fee: groups from 10 people have free access to the museum (otherwise 3 CHF/adult) Contact: Mr. Fabio Boscaini, Info: 2766 Search Kayak and Swiss Choc. NEW The activity combines in a day a kayak tour with the sweetness of Swiss chocolate. Participants, along with a kayaking expert, paddle to Caslano (about 1h30’) where the chocolate factory Alprose is based. Availability: From April to October, upon request Price: 180 CHF for 5 to 8 pax Contact: Ms. Patricia Carminati, Info: 141534 Search Ticino’s wine, wineries and wine tasting. Vineyards in Ticino are mainly cultivated with Merlot vines (83%). Over the decades the quality of wine produced has dramatically increased and today, Ticino’s Merlot wine is among the world’s best. Many wine producers and cellars offer outstanding wines, including white Merlot, which is not available for purchase anywhere else in the world! With a reservation, single visitors can visit local wineries for wine tastings. Info: 77298 Search Grape harvest festivals. Every September, the old town of Mendrisio celebrates the grape harvest with a festival. The characteristic internal courtyards of the old houses in the historical centre turn into authentic grottos where local wines and traditional dishes are served. Both Bellinzona and Lugano feature similar events. Info: 15704 Search 21