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Not Co-Operating •

Not Co-Operating • Timelines are very important in the not co-operating process and must be strictly adhered to by the CM • In order to categorise a borrower as “not co-operating” mandate sign-off is required (see mandate Arrears Management Procedure Guide) • 4 eye process for all letters from a manager / team leader on PR 28 and PR 29 letters is required • Templates for both letters (PR28 & PR29) are available on SharePoint. • A borrower has to right to appeal the “not co-operating” classification

Unsustainable Process If an account is deemed unsustainable following a full assessment of SFS & supporting docs and no ARA can be offered the CM must issue the PR 45 letter, Complete MARP Exit Check list and MARP flag is removed on PEGA. Then the account progresses to any of the following processes: • Asset Disposal process if borrower agrees with decision • Appeals process if borrower sends in an appeal • Pre-Litigation if there is no response at all from borrower