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PublicHouse setups. If

PublicHouse setups. If you're riding roads for extended periods you're better off going with a pannier and rack setup. Take a repair kit and spares, at the very least a puncture repair kit, multi-tool (this will also double up as a defensive weapon when your cycling companion inevitably goes feral and tries to consume you when low on calories), spare inner tube, pump, duct tape, and some cable ties. The more remote you're going, the more shit you'll have to drag along, eg. spare spokes, a water filter, and a spare tyre. The bigger the distance between cities, therefore food and bike shops, the more self-reliant you'll have to be. Dress for the occasion There's nothing worse than smelling like shit after a day of wearing clothes and being constantly drenched in sweat. Gloves or mitts will prevent your hands from becoming calloused nightmares and will stop them getting shredded if you fall off your bike. Have clothes for the worst possible weather for wherever you're touring. Sunstroke, frostbite or trenchfoot don't make for a nice cycling trip. Use your wits Be prepared for dogs, thieves and drunks. Know when to cut conversations and use your intuition when you meet weirdos. When it comes to dealing with dogs barking and chasing you, there's a million recommended techniques, from getting off the bike and staring them out, shouting at them, squirting water and throwing stones. I found none of these effective with certain demon hounds so I went to a gun shop in Galicia and bought some pepper spray for the price of a meal and a pint. No ID, no nothing, the guy just handed over an offensive weapon as if it was nothing. You can just douse any threat with burning liquid then cycle off faster than they can run. Sorted. It can also be used to spice up your meals when you run out of hot sauce. There's tonnes more advice out there, but I think the best thing is to head out and see what works for you. Maybe one day you can be a nerd for bike touring too. Charlie Furness 24

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