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PublicHouse Punkt. The

PublicHouse Punkt. The anti-techonlogy nerds Last year our producer Amy tried her luck switching from her iPhone to Punkt. It wasn’t easy but the rewards were clear. “No one has any idea how cluttered their minds actually are when they are constantly connected to something and everything, and I don’t use the words ‘constantly’ and ‘everything’ lightly. The first thing I used to do upon opening my eyes in the morning was check a) Facebook, b) Instagram, c) the weather, and that was all before I got to rolling over to my boyfriend to grill him for kicking me all night. I actually had conversations with people at the bus stop, in bars, and in coffee shops, because I had nothing else to do but to engage in actual human interaction. I found this so satisfying and grounding, and I would be lying if I said it didn’t change my overall mood. We’ve all read the articles about how addicted or reliant we are on our phones, but until you actually physically go time without it you will never truly understand.” You can find the full article in our third issue or at We wanted to check back with Punkt for this issue, this is what they shared with us. 1) Technology is filtering more and more into our daily lives, into our homes with Alexa, Google Home and the HomePod. Now everyone is happy with having a gadget listening to every word we say, but have you seen an increase in people looking to detox digitally? In general people are becoming more and more aware that we are becoming too addicted to technology. There are growing concerns about the negative impact that this is having on society. Recently Big Tech has had a hard time in the news for issues that range from privacy 26

PublicHouse (eavesdropping and personal data) to planned obsolescence. We are also starting to see government warnings about the use of technology in classrooms and on the roads. There is more and more literature about the solitude and depression caused by social media addiction and the conversation isn't dying down, associations and organizations are springing up to address these issues in all four corners of the globe. From the response to our recent third Punkt. Digital Detox Challenge, launched in January, it is clear to see that people are searching for ways to detox from their smartphones, and are taking the matter seriously. The MP01 is of course a great design solution for the digital detox. So, we have seen an increased interest in our product. 2) Any plans for a Punkt watch? - because we want one! Can't answer that question. But anything is possible. So, watch this space! 3) We'll take that as a yes, any other gadgets at least? We have products in the pipeline. But I can't let the cat out of the bag! 4) We had a bit of trouble finding a SIM that would work with our Punkt phone, are you worried that more and more carriers are switching off their G2? The closure of the 2G networks in certain countries does limit the reach of the MP01. Although in Europe 2G has staying power. Likely to outlive 3G systems in various countries, because it offers superior voice coverage. We are working on a 4G version of the MP01, but we don't have dates for that yet. 5) Any gossip, exclusive, future events or message you want to share with Public House readers? We'll be at the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona next week Thank you for your time and the mystery Marcia, looking forward to see what you guys come up with. Cheers! -PH 27

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