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PublicHouse Island Life

PublicHouse Island Life Socks was born when two brothers and a long lost cousin found a shared love for socks over a few litres of jungle juice one warm summer's evening on a tropical island. We met Jared in London and we were immediately attracted to his unconventional yet fun way of making socks. This is one for the aussies. 1) Hey Jared, thank you for the socks. The designs are fun and the button is very useful. However, one can’t help but wonder about this level of tidiness, do you have OCD or have you just lost too many socks? Hmm yeah maybe I do have OCD. I like it when things are clean, simple and uncomplicated. Something like putting on a pair of socks should be easy but it’s often not. I have no idea how I end up with single socks after a wash. It could be the evil washing machine or one our dogs with a sock fetish. Before Island Life Socks it was doing my head in as I would always be running late and stressing to find a matching pair of socks. 2) How is the Australian market reacting to the introduction of your socks? I thought Australians only wore flip-flops? Haha you mean thongs right? You can rock socks and thongs you know! Thongs are great but unfortunately you can't wear them all the time which is where we come in as the perfect accompaniment for your footwear of choice. 3) Speaking of design I really enjoyed the phrases and the images but I don’t quite unders- 42

PublicHouse tand the skull with the Santa hat and the phrase ‘No Prisoners’. Would you mind explaining that one for us? We like to write motivational phrases on the soles of our socks to help you power up in the morning when completing the mundane ritual of putting on your socks. The meaning behind ‘take no prisoners’ is to get you in a ruthless mindset, take no prisoners and make them walk the plank. 4) Any plans to enter the UK market? Yeah you guys wear socks right? All our styles are available from our online store and we would love for people in the UK to get in amongst our island vibes. 5) Would you be open to designing a sock especially for Public House Magazine? Let’s make this happen, we would love to create a pair with you guys, plus we encourage anyone else out there that has a cool design idea for a pair to get in touch. 6) Anything else you want to share or get off your chest? Just a big thanks for reading and a reminder to all be chill and stay tropical. Jared Maine from Island Life 043

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