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Heya, NERD! That’s right, you are a nerd, I'm a nerd, we are all nerds for something. We want to say nerd instead of expert because experts are assholes and nerds are fun, hope you enjoy it. Our next issue is coming up in June and the theme will be Summer Vacation We will be showing you everything from travel stories including tips, hook-ups, STIs and deportations. Festivals, nudist beaches, summer fashion, summer music, Summer Roberts and much more. If you want to contribute to the cause simply email with your pitch, article, art or rant. Follow us on all the usual social media @readpublichouse Public House Magazine is an independent and uncensored publication. We are unbiased, humorous and honest. We welcome submissions from both sides of the table, we enjoy sharing your thoughts and stories with the world because everything can be discussed with a bit of humour, yes everything. Cheers! Public House is a collection of work and thoughts, the audience send their work for review and honest feedback. - Daniel C. Founder Public House Magazine does not necessarily agree with all of the opinions printed in this issue, however, we do believe in the right to express your views without retaliation. Public House Magazine Ltd. is a private limited company. It is registered in England & Wales with registered number 10164640 and has its registered office at 115C Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 8BU. ©2018 Public House Magazine Ltd. N5

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