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PublicHouse “Lady Whiskey” Is A Bad Idea. Can We At Least Agree On That? When we hit the market with our first Irish whiskey release, J.J. Corry The Gael, I was incredibly surprised at how much the media focused on our company being all female. Don’t get me wrong, as a new brand on the market I was obviously grateful at how much coverage we did receive. However, like I’ve always said, we might be all female right now, but it does not mean we’ll behave any differently than any other Irish Whiskey Co. I’m at peace with my place in the world and in business as a woman. I can really get behind the current movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp, although I am conflicted and still working through my feelings on the directions they’ve taken recently, but let’s not dwell on that. What I can’t get behind is whiskey designed for Laydees. Like many in the industry, when we read of my ex-employer Diageo’s plans to launch a ‘Jane Walker’ I actually face-palmed. Becky Paskin from wrote a balanced piece triggered by that little nugget of news. In it she erred on the side of hopefulness that Diageo are well-intentioned and not simply slapping a lady on the iconic bottle to attract female whiskey drinkers. I’m not so sure. Women are a rapidly growing consumer of whiskey. All the high falutin’ research tells us so and it is self-evident if you are involved in the business in any way. FMCG companies like Diageo base new product development on consumer insights just like those. Now, I’m not exactly criticising the strategy here, it’s good business practice to target subsets of con-

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