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PublicHouse Ha Fingering

PublicHouse Ha Fingering HAIKU IN and OUT. In. Out. Hands can create so much more. Stillness and circles. - Sex Nerd Sandra s H a p p y E n d i n g 72

PublicHouse 3 Mantras for Terrible Lovemaking When things first get sexy, mental chatter can drown out our partner’s heavy breathing. Sometimes, we’re not even aware of how our inner monologues affect our pleasure-seeking behaviour. I think you’re swell, dandy and darn good-looking. Because I like you so much, I want you to have the best time there is in the bedroom. Here are three common mediocre mantras that will not help our mission: MANTRA #2: “Am I doing this right!?” VARIATION: “Oh please like this. Please, oh please?” Where the first mantra is the pinnacle of egoism, this one is the height of insecurity. In the land of pleasure, there is no “right”, nor are there “should’s” or “must’s.” It is a land of wonderful possibility and infinite opportunity. Listen for ragged breathing, look for flushed skin and feel for tensing muscles. If their bodily arousal isn’t apparent, keep playing with sexual variables. MANTRA #1: “I’m Going to Make You Cum” VARIATION: “I’m really good at fellatio/cunnilingus/[insert sex act here]” Orgasm is not the goal. That would be pleasure. Orgasm is what happens when you’re busy having fun. A demanding sexual ego = Not Fun. Send that buzzkill of an expectation packing and enjoy everyone’s genitals unclenching. MANTRA #3: “This is How All My Other Partners Liked it” VARIATION: “Why aren’t you working right!?” Stop. Right. Now. Put down your habits. Do it quickly. Every new fun-time partner means expanding your hands-on skill set. FANTABU- LOUS! Just remember, with each new terrain comes new curves in the road. The first few times, you might wanna slow down around the bend. And so, dear friend, if you hear any of the above thoughts rattling around your head, tell ‘em to go shush themselves and enjoy the panting instead. - Sex Nerd Sandra Illustration by Olimpia Zagnoli

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