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PublicHouse 7 Technology

PublicHouse 7 Technology Annoyances 1 THE LED FLASH FOR ALERTS Commonly accompanied by a designer phone case, this is very common in people who think Ibiza is the best place in the world when in fact it’s the absolute worst. 2 THE READ RECEIPTS This disturbing behaviour must be due to one of the following reasons: a) You are currently in a relationship with a neurotic partner who constantly needs to know where you are, what you are doing, what texts have you seen etcetera (break it off) or… b) You are a psychotic wreck who needs immediate answers and you are trying to set an example by using read receipts (get fucked). THE CLUTTERED DESKTOP 3 Unless your desktop is a picture of people from your office I don’t see why it has to be plastered with files. Here’s an awesome tip in case you have that sick fucking need to save everything to your desktop folder. 08

PublicHouse TEXTING WHILE WALKING 4 I’m sick off these freaks bumping into me when I’m texting while walking. I propose getting rid of all of the cycle lanes in London and replace them with moving walkways, this way we can just stand in them and not worry about bloody Deliveroo drivers doing their job. #CorrochioForMayorOfLondon THE PHONE CASE 5 When the iPhone 6 came out phone cases boomed. This is because its round shape made it more slippery and no one likes a cracked screen; newsflash: your hand gets used to it. I’ve dropped my phone once in the last 2 years since I stopped using a phone case, it’s called muscle memory. Having a phone case is like walking around with a helmet on. THE IWATCH 6 A classic watch VS an Apple watch is like comparing James Bond to Batman; one wears a suit when the other one wears tights. Grown men don’t wear toys around their wrists. MESSY APPS 7 OCD is the alt-right of being neat. You don’t need to be batshit crazy to have some order in your life. Having messy apps is like showing up to a job interview in shorts or like sending work documents via Facebook messenger, only psychos do it. Daniel Corrochio @nvvmxac 09

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