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ITI Maria Roussou, Freelance Translator, English and Spanish to Greek. What made you do the SUFT course? I had already been a part-time freelance translator for almost ten years and I loved it. When my second child was ready to start nursery I was more than ready to pursue my dream of being a full-time translator. I didn’t know anything on how to start my own business, and the SUFT course was the answer. How has your first year been? After the SUFT course I immediately started developing my business: I found a business name, I had a logo designed, I had my own website developed, I ordered business cards. My biggest achievement was passing my ITI exam and becoming a Qualified Member of ITI. Then I started sending out CVs and replying to applications. Now that Translate MoRe is up and running, I have a permanent collaboration with big translation and subtitling agencies. I also volunteer for Translators without Borders as a member of the Greek Rapid Response Team, translating material concerning the refugee crisis. How has the SUFT course helped so far? The SUFT course has given me everything I needed to know on how to start and how to keep going. I also made valuable friends and colleagues: I even had a lovely collaboration with a fellow student on a translation project. Would you recommend the SUFT course? SUFT has everything you need to learn on how to start working as a freelance translator. The tutors are very experienced and very keen to help. You come out of the course a lot wiser, with all the confidence you need to start. Contact Maria at, or email Judith McInally, Freelance Translator and Interpreter, Spanish to English. What made you do the SUFT course? While on a career break after working as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, I spent some time working with an NGO in a shanty town area of Lima and so my translation career began. After returning to the UK, I continued doing translation work for various international development organisations. Eventually I decided to make the switch to working as a full-time translator and studied for an MA in Translation Studies. After completing the course I realised I needed a more industry-focused approach, and the SUFT course was exactly what I was looking for. How has your first year been? Since completing the course I have been able to apply the tutors’ general and personal advice and have concentrated on building up contacts with agencies, drawing on my experience to specialise in both pharmaceuticals and international development. This is an ongoing project and I’m still working towards the targets I set myself in the business plan I developed as part of the course. 22 ITI BULLETIN CAREERS SPECIAL

ITI How has the SUFT course helped so far? The SUFT course highlighted the need for a structured approach to a translation business and was particularly helpful on the design of an industry-specific CV and LinkedIn profile and tips for making contact with clients. The advice on chasing late payments was also helpful to have, although fortunately I haven’t had to put this into practice yet! Would you recommend the SUFT course? I would recommend the SUFT course to anyone looking to make a career change into freelance translation. It’s full of practical advice on how to take your existing skills and experience and use them as the assets they are. You can contact Judith via LinkedIn, or email Lucy Findlay, Freelance Interpreter and Translator, Italian to English What made you do the SUFT course? The world of freelancing seemed very daunting. I’d already been working as a Public Service interpreter for a few years and I’d started doing some translating for an Italian company, but it paid really badly and I was fairly pessimistic about my career choice. Doing SUFT helped me work out how to identify and approach new clients and how to make my business more profitable. How has your first year been? I now have a steady flow of work and in the last financial year I earned more than I had foreseen in my business plan. How has the SUFT course helped so far? The SUFT course was crucial to helping me get started. I had a lot of fears, above all CV writing and creating an on-line presence, and was avoiding applying for jobs. The tutors guided us through each process and gave us personal feedback on our CVs and online profiles. It increased my confidence no end. I’ve also done a lot of voluntary work, something we were advised to do to overcome the “no-experience” barrier. This has been incredibly enriching and has given me hours of valuable interpreting experience. A colleague and I are now targeting the Italian/ English market, offering interpreting and translation services through our partnership, Mother Tongue Translators. I am working on moving away from agencies and am investing in going out to “meet the client” – something SUFT gave me the confidence to do. Would you recommend the SUFT course? If anyone is considering doing this course, consider no longer! It’s a no brainer – the small investment you make in the course fees will have a huge return. Contact Lucy at ITI BULLETIN CAREERS SPECIAL 23

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