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ITI What are the most important learning points you have taken from SUFT? The course confirmed the importance of offering a specialisation and I had an obvious one in the area of legal documents. I also realised that a large number of skills that I had developed in the course of my legal career were equally applicable to the field of translation – for example, attention to detail, time management and a professional, customer-focused attitude are all essential to the work of a translator. The course confirmed that my plan to develop new contacts through networking, both online and in person, rather than simply sending emails to agencies, was a sensible one. legal translators who have not worked as lawyers. All the work I have had to date has been related to my specialisation. What’s next, after winning ITI’s Award Best Newcomer? I will continue to grow the translation side of my business and develop my network of contacts. I will be attending the German Network Anglophoner Tag in Chester in September and then travelling to Hannover to attend the BDÜ specialist legal translation and interpreting conference in October. I am also going to be working on improving my Italian with a view to offering a second language in years to come. What sort of assignments do you typically find yourself taking on? I launched my translation business in February and so far I have undertaken a mixture of translation and proofreading of a wide range of documents in the legal field, working with both agencies and direct clients. Do you see specialisation as an advantage? Yes, I think that my experience of working as a solicitor has been a significant advantage both in terms of attracting good clients and delivering high-quality translations. The fact that I continue to undertake legal work helps keep me up to date in my specialist field and perhaps helps me compare favourably to 26 ITI BULLETIN CAREERS SPECIAL

Student membership Student membership of ITI is for anyone who is currently registered on a course leading to a graduate or post-graduate qualification in translation or interpreting. Please note that Student membership is for a limited period to match the length of your course. For example: if your course ends in September 2017, your student membership will expire at the end of the membership year on 30 April 2018. Why should I join ITI when I am still a student? Joining ITI at this stage in your career brings a number of key benefits. Not only will you have the opportunity to network with and learn from experienced professionals, you will also be able to move through the ITI membership categories without ever paying the £60 application fee. Once you have received your results, you will be able to move straight from Student to Graduate Affiliate membership. This will help you market your new qualification and status to agencies and potential clients. ITI also provides Affiliate members with lots of advice for getting started in the industry, and the relationships you have built up with more experienced professionals may bring you work too. Please note that if you already have the experience required to apply for AITI or MITI membership, you may move from Student straight to either of these categories without paying the application fee. Benefits n A subscription to ITI’s award-winning journal, ITI Bulletin n The potential to join your local Regional Group, and as many specialist Subject and Language Networks as you wish n A plethora of networking opportunities with fellow professionals n Members’ rate at ITI webinars, workshops and training events around the country n Discounted attendance at industry events and conferences n Discounts on software and other services n Access to help and advice in the Members’ Area of the ITI website, including the forums n Use of ITI’s online CPD logging system n Access to the latest industry news and jobs via ITI’s social media feeds and website n Free use of a credit-checking facility for UK businesses n A legal helpline offering free advice on a range of legal matters n Representation on an international level n Access to competitively priced specialist Professional Indemnity insurance Fees Student membership costs just £49 per year. When applying, you will be asked pay the membership for the relevant quarter. Full details are included in the application pack. How to apply Please register at apply and we will send you an application pack. ITI BULLETIN CAREERS SPECIAL 27

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