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Climbing Aboard Whatever

Climbing Aboard Whatever the stage of your career, there is an ITI membership category tailored to you, with a clear path for progression as your career develops ITI has a membership category for every stage of a translation or interpreting career, helping you to shape your own pathway as you progress onwards and upwards with the advice and support of colleagues and peers. The Institute of Translation and Interpreting is the only UK-based independent professional membership association for practising translators, interpreters and language services businesses. The Institute forms a warm and welcoming community of practice for individuals and entities that understand the importance of translation and interpreting to our society and economy, both within the UK and beyond. Our categories of membership are tailored to all stages of a translation and interpreting career, from newcomers to seasoned professionals and corporate entities. How to apply Please register at membership/apply and we will send you an application pack. Membership offers multiple benefits, including: • A subscription to the ITI awardwinning journal, ITI Bulletin • The potential to join local ITI Regional Groups and as many of our specialist Subject and Language Networks as you wish • A plethora of networking opportunities with fellow professionals • Members’ rates at ITI webinars, workshops and training events around the country • Discounted attendance at industry events and conferences • Discounts on software and other services • Use of the ITI online CPD logging system • Access to the latest news and jobs via the ITI social media feeds and website • Free use of an online creditchecking facility • A legal helpline offering free advice on a range of legal matters • Representation on an international level. COVER IMAGE: BIGSTOCK 2 ITI BULLETIN CAREERS SPECIAL

COVER IMAGE: BIGSTOCK Great expectations Welcome to wonderland! Being a translator or interpreter is a great way to live and work, keeping a foothold in at least two cultures and gaining a wider perspective on the world we live in while contributing to a sound economic and social future for our increasingly globalised planet. All predictions are that the language services sector is set to expand exponentially in the coming decades, being one of the sectors most resilient to automation, thereby making it an excellent option for a sustainable career path. This special ITI Career Bulletin will help guide you over the initial hurdles in your transition from student to practitioner, or from a first career elsewhere into translation and interpreting. The coming pages will help you to find the perfect ITI membership category for your current situation, bringing you into the best independent association of practising translators and interpreters in the UK. So come on in – the water’s lovely! Special thanks to ITI office for their help © ITI 2017 Art Editor and Printed by i-print mk limited, Unit 15‚ Alston Drive, Bradwell Abbey‚ Milton Keynes MK13 9HA ITI OFFICE Suite 141, Milton Keynes Business Centre, Foxhunter Drive, Linford Wood, Milton Keynes MK14 6GD, UK ITI CONTACT DETAILS Telephone: 01908 325 250 Fax: 01908 325 259 Membership direct line: 01908 325 251 Email: Website: Neither ITI nor the editor guarantees the accuracy of contributions or advertisements, nor do they accept any liability for statements expressed in the Bulletin. Articles are considered for publication on the basis that they are the author’s original work. No part of this publication may be reproduced by any means without the prior written permission of ITI. In this issue 2 Climb aboard Find the right membership category for you 4 First steps in freelance translation Helen Oclee-Brown tells you what you need to know before you ditch the day job 8 How to become a translator An overview of required skills, knowledge and qualifications, as well as career paths 10 Career options for interpreters The three main types of interpreting explained – Conference, Business and Public Service 12 What agencies want Director of Atlas Translations Clare Suttie has some straight-talking advice for freelancers 14 The pricing puzzle By the word, or by the hour? How should you charge for your work? Kari Koonin explains 16 Interpreting – a snapshot Kirsty Heimerl-Moggan explains why interpreting is her perfect job 17 Professional networking opportunities How ITI’s Networks and Regional Groups can support you as your career progresses 18 Finding your niche opportunities Arantza Elousa shows you how to move on from ‘generalist’ translation 21 How SUFT can kick-start your career Five of our past students give their verdict on what passing the course has done for them 25 Life after SUFT: Claire Turner recollects starting out 27 Student membership Information on Student membership ITI BULLETIN CAREERS SPECIAL 3

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