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Lagos Property For Sale - Prestige Property Group

Lagos Property For Sale - Prestige Property

Lagos Property For Sale - Prestige Property Group Lagos, on Portugal's beautiful western Algarve coast, has a long and interesting history, with the name dating back to Celtic times. It has seen Phoenicians, Romans, Christians, merchants, adverturers and was a major port trading with Africa and the Mediterranean. Unfortunately an earthquake and tidal wave destroyed much of the town in the mid 18th century, but it is now a vibrant centre with stylish shops, promenades and cobbled back streets and a relaxed atmosphere making it one of the most sought-after locations in the Algarve. Praca da Republica is a popular place to sit and watch the world go by. Lagos property can be some of the more affordable in the Algarve, which is itself less expensive than the popular areas of France and Spain - there is a huge choice of new and old property in Lagos and the surrounding villages - from villas and apartments to typical Lagos townhouses and countryside farmhouses. Lagos Property We market property in Lagos and the surrounding villages and countryside including Luz, Burgau and Almadena. Due to its popularity Lagos Property For Sale offers good investment and rental potential.In recent years new laws have been introduced to stop foreigners Buy Property Lagos Portugal through an offshore company and so save many thousands in taxes. Despite concern, the market has not faltered and actually is stronger than ever. Guide to the Portugese Buying Process 1. Signing a Letter of Intent On finding a property you wish to purchase, your agent will draw up a 'Letter of Intent, this will be signed by both parties, vendor and buyer. Copies of this will be given to the legal representatives of

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