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Why Is The Adobe Flash Player Blocked? What if you face the issues like Adobe flash player is not working and has been blocked. Yes, this is a technical issues which need to be resolved on an immediate basis as Adobe flash player is an important tool for those who related to animation and even for those who are used to surf the internet on a regular basis, if it stops working then several websites will not work in a proper manner. In order to resolve such issues you are required to follow the instruction which provided over here and in case you failed to do so then there is another option for you to resolve the issue with the help of technical support team where qualified technicians will assist you in rectifying such kind of issues through Adobe Flash Customer Support. Steps which are required to follow in order to resolve the issue- The moment you log in Media Central by using Google Chrome and if you receive the below-mentioned notification You can see that the same message will display instead of connecting the chrome with the Adobe Flash What proper actions should be taken to stop such notification? It can be understood by the displayed message that Google Chrome version 54 requires an update of the Adobe Flash Player plugin By updating the plugin will not properly work because Adobe Flash Player is blocked so to resolve the issue you need to follow the steps as given below: 1. In the beginning, you need to access the Adobe’s official website to resolve the issue at 2. Now after that, you have to just click on Need Flash Player for a different computer link. 3. After that, you have to select an operating system, and then pick on the one which matches your system in step 1. 4. Now in step 2, you have to select a version, and then pick “FP XX for Opera and Chromium – PPAPI”. 5. After the previous step, you have to just click on Download now

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