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Ohbaby weaning guide

Free advice, information and meal plan brought to you by Ohbaby in collaboration with clinical dietician & co-author of Weaning Senses, Kath Megaw.

2 The Basics 1. HOW TO

2 The Basics 1. HOW TO INTRODUCE SOLIDS Every baby is different and there are lots of ways to introduce solids. You should always consult a health professional to determine what is best for your baby before his or her first bites. 2. ALLERGENS Thanks to the latest allergy research, feeding protein foods or high-risk allergen foods early on is not only safe but may also help protect your baby from developing a food allergy. That’s why we have included ingredients like nut butter on our menu. If your child has known allergies please make sure to review the labels carefully before feeding. If you have allergies and are concerned your child may have them too, please consult with a medical professional before feeding them any of our menu items with specified allergens.

3 3. KEEPING IT FRESH All our meals are freshly frozen for your convenience. Make sure to pop them in your freezer as soon as they are delivered. Defrost overnight in the fridge for the best results. Travelling? We’ve got you covered - pop them in your complimentary cooler bag with an ice pack.