8 months ago

Ohbaby weaning guide

Free advice, information and meal plan brought to you by Ohbaby in collaboration with clinical dietician & co-author of Weaning Senses, Kath Megaw.

Palatte Training 101

Palatte Training 101 Your baby’s taste buds are changing faster than ever. Read on to learn more about how to help get the most out of mealtime. 1. IF YOUR BABY DOESN’T LIKE A FLAVOUR. TRY. TRY AGAIN The average baby needs to try a new flavor 15-20 times before they accept it (crazy right?) So expect some funny faces when trying a new food. It’s important not to give up. You’ve both got this! 2. KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON If it seems like your baby isn’t taking to a new flavour after several attempts, try mixing the difficult flavour with one of their favourites. It gives them a taste of the new flavour along with something they already enjoy, which could help them develop a taste for the unfamiliar food.

3. RAISE AN ADVENTUROUS EATER Scientists tell us that genetic programming and nutritional habits are formed within the first 1000 days of life. This period of life lays down many foundations and most importantly the blueprint and map for your health. Take advantage of this time and expose your little one to as many flavours as possible. 4. BABY BLENDS AREN’T JUST FOR BABIES! Once your baby moves on to finger food, you might think it’s time to ditch the baby food. Wrong! Ohbaby blends are an excellent snack for toddlers and just as good for adults!!! (Eat the fruit combinations as sorbets… yum!!!)