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24 Nathan Rutjes Roda JC

24 Nathan Rutjes Roda JC Kerkrade

25 TEAMLINE STRIKER - AVAILABLE UNTIL 2021 Look good. Feel better. Perform best. That was the starting point for the designs of the brand new Striker collection. Masita introduces this new collection as a budget line. Nevertheless, the Striker collection is made of high-quality materials and modern, timeless designs, with an excellent price/quality ratio. The broad, colorful stripes together with the wide piping make that the Striker colletion has a charactaristic and unique design. Some of the products of the Striker line are made of ComfoTech polyester. The fabric exists of a light, technical material and is charatarised by the special optics, breathability and comfort. Uncompromising materials for the best performance. 115 PRESENTATIONSUIT Page 26