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7 TEAMLINE FORZA - AVAILABLE UNTIL 2022 The Forza collection is availabele in 9 color combinations and can be combined with several standard items from the existing Masita range. The starting point for the design was functionality. Athletes must be able to preform at their fullest in this comfortable and stylish collection. NEW The modern and asymmetrical design is based on the movement of an athlete. This collection makes sure that every movement looks even more dynamic. Add to this the perfect fit and the result is a teamline in which you can only win. Available in 9 color combinations. Several producs in this teamline are made of 100% Climatech Polyester. Our Climatech fabric underwent an 'ultimate dry-comfort treatment'. Because of this, the fabric regulates perspiration in an effective way. The use of technical yarns and the special treatment of the fabric provide an excellent heat and perspiration regulation. 516 + 5710 TRAINING JACKET + TROUSERS Page 11