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How to fix Boot Device Not Found Error or Hard Drive Not Detected on HP PC’s?

Boot device not found error or hard drive not detected are the most common issues on HP computers. In order to fix these issues, get the best method by dialing HP Computer Technical Support number +1-877-645-7494.

How to fix Boot Device Not Found Error or Hard Drive Not Detected on HP

ong>Howong> ong>toong> ong>fixong> ong>Bootong> ong>Deviceong> ong>Notong> ong>Foundong> ong>Errong>orong>ong> ong>orong> ong>Hardong> ong>Driveong> ong>Notong> ong>Detectedong> on HP PC’s? The BIOS is usually configured in ong>orong>der ong>toong> stipulate the sequence in which the computer device will access the available bootable hardware devices. Internal hard drive, external USB drive, optical CD/DVD ROM drive, and netwong>orong>k adapter are the most common bootable devices. In case the device gets fail while checking each device fong>orong> the essential bootable files, the computer will verify that another device is obtainable. Once the computer BIOS identifies all the listed devices, but not able ong>toong> find the bootable files, an errong>orong> message like “3F0 errong>orong> ong>orong> ong>Bootong> ong>Deviceong> ong>Notong> ong>Foundong>. Please install an operating system on your hard disk” might occur. Here, you can get quick HP Computer Technical Suppong>orong>t from the experts. Mong>orong>eover, try some of the methods given below ong>toong> ong>fixong> the ong>Bootong> device not found an errong>orong> ong>orong> hard drive not detected- Method 1: Resong>toong>re BIOS default settings- First of all, you need ong>toong> turn off the computer and wait five seconds. Now, press the “Power” butong>toong>n in ong>orong>der ong>toong> start the computer and then press the F10 key ong>toong> enter the BIOS setup menu. Next, you have ong>toong> press F9 ong>toong> choose and load the BIOS Setup Default settings. Then, press F10 ong>toong> “Save and Exit”. Further, choose the arrow keys ong>toong> choose “Yes” and then press “Enter”. At last, follow the prompts ong>toong> restart your computer. Method 2: Test the hard drive using HP PC ong>Hardong>ware Diagnostics- In the beginning, you need ong>toong> plug the AC adapter inong>toong> the computer. Now, press the “Power” butong>toong>n fong>orong> five seconds in ong>orong>der ong>toong> turn off the PC. Here, you have ong>toong> turn on the computer and quickly press “Esc” in repeating mode. Once the menu appears, you need ong>toong> press the F2 key.

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