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Biochip Market Key Players, Growth Impact and Demand

Biochip Market Key Players, Growth Impact and

Biochip Market Key Players, Growth Impact and Demand “Global Biochip Market report includes in-depth analysis of industry by recent technologies, trends, opportunities, challenges, key players and business strategies considering types, segment and future outlook.” Global Biochips Market size was valued at USD 7.63 billion in 2015. With potential applications of genomics and proteomics in biotech R&D, along with rapid technological innovation and increase in adoption of personalized medicines, it is expected that this market will witness considerable growth in revnue over the forecast period. For biochip technology, in order to enhance its usability, there is an improvement in resolution, preparation procedures and accuracy along with the reduction in the cost of the materials associated with manufacturing the biochips. These factors are expected to further reinforce growth potential. Anticipated commercialization and launch of novel treatments and diagnosis products including non-laboratory and laboratory research is expected to fuel growth over the forecast period. Current developments aiming to miniaturize biochips even further can be anticipated to increase the additional usage and applicability for genetic sequencing methodologies, such as diabetes genomics. With the rise in usage of the biochip technology, it is anticipated that cost of genome profiling can reduce even further for studies such as protein expression analysis among others. Hence, proteomics and genomics labeling techniques along with other protein profiling techniques are expected to witness a growth in demand. Request Sample Copy of this Market Research @

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