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Insulate Magazine - April Issue 17

A Free Lunch, The language of Insulation, Artificial Intelligence and Insulation, and in-depth review of Ecobuild 2018 feature amongst articles from the BBA, NIA, Kingspan, IMA, Sto and more feature in this months edition

The only independent

The only independent insulation industry trade magazine The only independent insulation industry trade magazine Insulation Outlook 2018 The only independent insulation industry trade magazine Published on a monthly basis by Versanta ltd Corser House, 17 Geen End, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 1AD Call 01948 759 351 Outside of the UK +44 1948 759351 Monday - Friday 9am - 5.30pm Issue 14 | January 2018 Website: Standing Out From the Crowd Email: NIA Conference Review Keeping Everything Moving Review, Reflect and Reset SUBSCRIPTION INFORMATION Anyone can subscribe for free online at Subscribe Free Subscriptions are available around the world free in digital format. Our subscriber list is occasionally made available to very carefully selected companies whose products or services may be of interest to you. Your privacy is of paramount importance to us and should you prefer not to be part of these lists then please email your details and a short message to WWW.INSULATENETWORK.COM DISPLAY ADVERTISING. Contact one of our sales staff to discuss your requirements on 01948 759 351. Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising that in its opinion is misleading, unfair or incompatible with the character of the magazine. Outlook 2018 Insulation We adhere to the IPSO code of practice for editors. Further information can be found at BACK ISSUES OR REPRINTS Digital back issues can be found online at www.insulatenetwork. com For printed editions please email contact@insulatenetwork. com , there will be a postage charge and handling fee of £15+VAT for each copy requested. CIRCULATION Digital: 6,024 Print: 10,000 Total: 16,024 ©VERSANTA LTD No part can be reproduced without the express permission of the publisher The only independent insulation industry trade magazine Outlook 2018 Insulation Issue 17 | April 2018 New forms of insulation Ecobuild 2018 Review Free Lunch.... Energy Efficiency Infranstructure Priority Subscribe Free Receive every issue on release day: Issue 14 | January 2018 Standing Out From the Crowd NIA Conference Review Keeping Everything Moving Standing Out From the Crowd Review, Reflect and Reset Issue 14 | January 2018 NIA Conference Review Keeping Everything M Review, Reflec WWW.INSULATENETWORK.COM NEWS@INSULATENETWORK.COM | Contents It’s been an extremely busy month here at HQ, it seems that coming into spring has brought the industry into overdrive, projects and initiatives from across the globe are being submitted to us as future articles and features for Insulate magazine. New forms of Insulation: Something to Reflect on Tallest Piece of Street Art Efficeint Cambridge Virido Development 6 10 12 We’ve had the consultation for ECO3 opened by BEIS in preparation for it’s implementation, with much discussion on social media still centring around “deemed scores” - the team at Insulate Network would love to hear your views for a feature next month, simply send an email to and share your thoughts. This month we hear from our Technical Editor, Paul Forrester on “The Language of Insulation” “Continued Professional Development in Insulation” and a review of the final Ecobuild, ahead of its transformation to Futurebuild in 2019. All of your usual Insulate Columnists deliver their thoughts for the industry from the view of their respective trade bodies and the BBA chart the rise of reflective insulation in the U.K. Enjoy! Tests Even Tougher 13 Energy Efficiency is Infrastructure Priority 12 The Language of Insulation 16 Free Lunch 19 Speciers of Insulation Projects 21 Ecobuild is Evolving (Ecobuild Review) 22 Heat or Eat 24 Insulation and Artificial Intelligence 26 Embracing Ecommerce 31 Colin Heath Managing Editor @colin_insulate 26 12 Jamie Street Head of Creative @jamie_insulate 6 14 Paul Forrester Technical Editor Winner! Congratulations to Tim Potter from CMS Danksin, who won the tickets to Anthony Joshua vs Parker thanks to Mauer in Insulate Magazine issue 15. The UK's only dedicated trade journal for the insulation industry 3

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