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Insulate Magazine - April Issue 17

A Free Lunch, The language of Insulation, Artificial Intelligence and Insulation, and in-depth review of Ecobuild 2018 feature amongst articles from the BBA, NIA, Kingspan, IMA, Sto and more feature in this months edition

A site for sore eyes

A site for sore eyes Looking at the advantages of BBA Certification As you well know, major construction work on building sites involves a huge amount of product and materials checking, not least to make sure everything meets the exacting requirements of building regulations. This can be stressful at the best of times and a helping hand is always welcome. That’s why more and more people are coming to the BBA for off-site certification of their products. For many years now, our work in the offsite construction sector has brought peace of mind to hundreds of architects and manufacturers alike. BBA Agrément Certificates are widely read and respected by industry decision-makers who want to select innovative products that have been thoroughly assessed by the BBA. Our assessors have decades of experience in evaluating Offsite Construction, and we are currently assessing many new systems, adding to the many already approved including insulated concrete formwork, SIPs and framed systems. Of course, our main focus is on the requirements of Building Regulations — not just in England and Wales, but also in Scotland and Northern Ireland. But we go much further than that. We want to ensure that a system is not only waterproof, warm and structurally sound; it has to be durable, too. No-one wants to buy a system with a short life expectancy, so we seek to ensure that it will last for an appropriate period of time. Neither are our assessments simply desk exercises. As well as testing, we go out to the factory to check system documentation and control, making sure that the specification we approve is capable of being produced consistently. We also go out on site to see units being offloaded and installed. That’s because we know that what may seem simple when explained in a dry office or factory can turn out to be very different on a building site. Once we have gathered data from testing, factory inspections and site surveillance, we consider how we can use it to establish that the requirements of Building Regulations and other statutory or non-statutory documents have been met. BBA Agrément Certificates are regarded as quite simply the best assurances you can get for your off-site products. With BBA’s 50 years of unrivalled expertise in building and construction certification, it’s easy to see why. 01923 665300

The only independent insulation industry trade magazine Insulate Columnist Embracing Ecommerce Time to take Advantage of Online Opportunities Andrian Sanders, Director of Ecommerce, Construction Materials Online A drian Saunders, Director of eCommerce, Construction Materials Online, analyses the benefits of eCommerce for the construction industry, and looks at why it is becoming the first choice for professionals looking to source materials. The construction industry has firmly entered an era of connection, with technology radically transforming the supply chain. eCommerce is now a trusted alternative to traditional building merchants, not just offering opportunities for significant cost savings, but also improved productivity, a greater choice of products and access to expert support Construction professionals want fair pricing and a varied product range, alongside the convenience of an online retail experience, and a recent survey we conducted of over 200 professionals from across all construction trades, to analyse this shift in behaviour, revealed that 94% now find that online. Whilst traditional high street builders’ merchants favour the bricks and mortar approach, product choice is limited, and employees often lack the expert knowledge required to make informed recommendations based on a specific project. With 44% of professionals now opting for online sourcing in comparison to just 24% favouring high street and commercial merchants, it’s clear that eCommerce is becoming the preferred choice. Construction eCommerce is built on the fundamentals of modern online customer behaviour, offering a more collaborative and innovative approach to sourcing materials, unrestricted by store opening times. Made to order and bespoke products can also be sourced quickly, whilst expert online support teams can advise on how best a project can meet budgets and exceed building requirements and regulations. Usually offering far greater product selections and competitive pricing, it’s little wonder that buying online is now the favoured option. More than half of survey respondents agreed, revealing that visits to builders’ merchant chains in the past year have been marred by product stock shortages - with 55% also witnessing product price rises. With the quality and variety of materials continuing to advance at a rapid pace, it can be difficult for traditional merchants to keep up. Combined with the time taken to source materials from the high street, eCommerce is a viable solution which can significantly improve productivity, saving valuable time in an industry focused on meeting tight build deadlines. Our own company growth is evidence of this, with over 50,000 products available across our three eCommerce brands, Roofing Superstore, Drainage Superstore and Insulation Superstore. Roofing Superstore is also now the largest online supplier of roofing materials in the UK, and with strong relationships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, it is the ‘one stop shop’ for roofing materials. We are focused on providing a bespoke, human approach to eCommerce and are a trusted online source of building materials - with over 8,000 independent customer reviews on Trust Pilot, over 90% of which are positive. With demand only set to increase for easier and more efficient methods of purchasing, the industry now needs to embrace eCommerce, understanding the value and benefits it brings. 31

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