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This is about a young web developer whose happy life turned into a nightmare after a car accident. But thanks to Aids4Mobility, he was saved. Here is the link:

My interest in sports

My interest in sports was null but I used to play computer games online. Around, 6 years ago, I joined a multinational company as a web-developer. I was a simple guy who used to enjoy his coffee and program in his computer. My, life was good and it became super good when I met Stephanie, a beautiful software engineer joined in our company. From the first day I started liking her. We, started dating and my life became so cool. In the weekend we used to travel from different places in UK. We both loved long drive and we both were enjoying our life together. But, unfortunately, my life turned into a nightmare after an incident.

I was driving back from my office, in the way my Skoda was hit by a truck from behind and I immediately passed out. When I woke up in the hospital, Stephanie and my family were all there. I had many fractures in my back and I was totally unable to move. Actually, I was in coma for several days. After getting discharge from hospital, I came to my house. Stephanie, was taking care of me but even after I recovered after 10 months, I had troubled sleeping on my back. It was so painful that I had to take a few pills of painkillers. The pain was really intense so Stephanie started looking for something for my back care. Then she landed on a website called Aids4Mobily that was selling mobility equipment online. She bought a mattress for me and I got relief after I started sleeping on that. Now, I’m a happy, healthy guy and I have totally recovered. Aids 4 Mobility Address: Lees Lane Nursery, Lees Lane, Dalton, Parbold, Wigan WN8 7RB Telephone: 01257 46 4164 Email: Website:

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