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5 COMMISSIONER GENERAL’S FOREWORD Dear staff. We have a lot of things to be thankful for with the way 2018 is unfolding. First and foremost, our February efforts brought in a surplus. Then came the successful One Stop Border Post (OSBP) commissioning by the Ugandan and Kenyan Heads of state. This OSBP is certainly set to enable us leap even higher in terms of revenue collection. I also thank the team that supported the World Customs Organization Authorized Economic Operator (WCO-AEO) Conference. You gave URA resounding success. Thank you for making Uganda proud. The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system phase 1 kicked off in the Corporate Services CSD and Commissioner General’s departments. Staff from the two departments are now ably managing their performance using the system. The performance management team has come in handy to train the CGO and CSD staff. Phase 2 of the ERP roll out will open online performance management up for all the other departments. Our SACCO has turned over a new leaf with a set of new leaders taking the mantle from a set of former leaders who helped the SACCO grow from strength to strength. I congratulate the new leadership with as much zest as I celebrate the outgoing leadership. There is only one way to go for the URA SACCO, Upwards! The new headquarter building has over the past couple of weeks evolved into a marvel externally and internally with works inching ever closer to completion. 22 floors to accommodate 1700 staff, a 6 storey parking tower to accommodate 360 cars in addition to a 710 car surface parking space, amenities like a gym, salon, multimedia center and a daycare center. We envisage that the new house will enable us execute work efficiently. I urge all of us to support the promotion of the culture of utilizing receipts in the campaign dubbed #MpaReceiptYange which is set for all corners of Uganda. I would like to thank each one of you who took off time to donate a pint of blood during the URA Blood Drive. You took the need to have enough blood in the blood bank to heart and came out in full force to show your support. Uganda noticed. Uganda appreciated. Finally, I will leave you with a quote from the famous Chinese cultural icon Bruce Lee. “The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like FOCUS”, Bruce Lee. The target is in FOCUS. ALL HANDS ON DECK! Doris Akol Your team lead and partner in the trenches.

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