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SPECTACULAR SHIRT PRESENTATION Several clubs, including VV Avesteijn, were amongst the first. They revealed their new club uniform in a spectacular way. Our Marketing department made a special banner, including a frame, on which they can present your new outfit in 3D. You will not only surprise your members and volunteers, but your sponsors as well! 155

YOUR OWN CLUB-SHOP In addition, we offer your team a customized club webshop. In this club webshop, members of a club can buy their club clothing and products quick, easy and safe. This club shop can be fully configured in your team colors with your own logo, banners and pictures. . BANNERS AND FLYERS Masita likes to think with you. Our graphic designers developed templates, which allow you to announce your club collection, special offers or anniversary on a roll-up banner or flyer. Ask fort he possibilities by sending an e-mail to marketing@ 156

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