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25 TEAMLINE STRIKER - AVAILABLE UNTIL 2021 Look good. Feel better. Perform best. That was the starting point for the designs of the brand new Striker collection. Masita introduces this new collection as a budget line. Nevertheless, the Striker collection is made of high-quality materials and modern, timeless designs, with an excellent price/quality ratio. The broad, colorful stripes together with the wide piping make that the Striker colletion has a charactaristic and unique design. Some of the products of the Striker line are made of ComfoTech polyester. The fabric exists of a light, technical material and is charatarised by the special optics, breathability and comfort. Uncompromising materials for the best performance. 115 PRESENTATIONSUIT Page 26

26 6115 SPORTS BAG WITH SHOE COMP. Page 33 3015 3815 SWEATER Page 29 WINDBREAKER Page 30 6015 SPORTS BAG Page 34 4802 4803 WINTER JACKET Page 32 PERFORMANCE JACK Page 33 415 TRAININGSSUIT Page 27 6315 BACKPACK Page 32

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