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39 TEAMLINE BARÇA - AVAILABLE UNTIL 2020 The characteristic attribute of our improved Barça line is a striking “8-stripes” design. Enriched by contrasting pipings and numerous details we can present a stylish collection which is completely state-of-the-art. Functionality was the key issue for the development of this team line. As a result Masita manages to combine functionality with superior design. The Barça collection is available in 8 different color options and can be perfectly combined with several standard items from the existing Masita range. The Barça teamline is available until 2019. Several products in this collection are made of DuraTech polyester. DuraTech fabric is made in a way that prevents it from pilling and makes it extremely durable. For long-term use during various sporting activities. 288 + 388 PRESENTATIONJACKET + HOSE Page 37

40 3188 4688 ZIP-SWEATER Page 41 HOODED JACKET Page 43 3888 WINDBREAKER Page 47 1388 1288 4888 POLO JERSEY COACH JACKET Page 45 Page 46 Page 48 588 + 688 TRAINING JACKET +HOSE Page 39 6088 6188 SPORTS BAG Page 52 SPORTS BAG WITH SHOE COMP. Page 51

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