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LEED ® Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED ® ) sets sustainable building standards for design, construction, operation, and maintenance as it relates to occupancy comfort level, occupancy health, energy efficiency, and environmental considerations. PID Floors has LEED ® Green Associates on staff to help consult clients. LEED ® is a green building certification system which bases the level awarded on the whole system life cycle of a building. Many credit points are granted on the use of building materials that meet specific performance standards. MR CREDIT—BUILDING PRODUCT DISCLOSURE AND OPTIMIZATION— SOURCING OF RAW MATERIALS • We offer FSC ® certified wood floors through our Chain of Custody license. Ask about our FSC ® certified materials. • We offer reclaimed wood floors that are sourced from factories, old growth material, and weathered barns. Options include antique oak, hickory, beech, maple, Douglas fir, heart pine, and wormy chestnut. EQ CREDIT—INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY—LOW-EMITTING MATERIALS • We have products available that have either been tested per the CDPH Standard Method v1.1-2010, and/or are currently in the process of testing for compliance. • We have engineered products that have composite wood cores that comply with the CARB Phase 2 standard. • We have finishes and adhesives available with No-Added Formaldehyde (NAF), Ultra-Low Emitting Formaldehyde (ULEF), low VOC content, water-based solution instead of solvent-based, all which contribute toward the low emitting indoor materials category credit. INNOVATION CREDIT • PID Floors products can show exemplary performance for the credits mentioned above through additional testing and certifications which we are in the process of establishing. Please check back periodically as we continuously add certifications, transparency documents, and test results to our line. OUR COMMITMENT PID FLOORS | 15