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Collections INLOVE

Collections INLOVE Bespoke beauty. Endless possibilities. Our inLove Collection offers bespoke services that allow us to create custom flooring locally in Brooklyn, New York. If you can dream it, we can create it, and the possibilities are endless. Any and every aspect of our product can be customized—from the species and grade of wood—to the construction and dimensions of the wood planks. This exciting collection embraces both tradition and innovation, employing time-honored woodworking techniques alongside the most cutting-edge technology in biochemistry. Art and science meet with the use of reaction-based stains. Popular pigment-based stains saturate wood with color, often hiding the inherent qualities and unique beauty of wood. In stark contrast, our natural reaction-based stains induce a chemical reaction within the wood, specifically due to the tannins and minerals found inside wood cells. This reaction preserves the unique look of each piece of wood and has the ability to produce a wide-variety of beautiful and immediate results such as genuine-looking weathering and a breathtaking depth and variation of color. Our inhouse finishing team is constantly developing new and exciting proprietary finishes. Our wood is sourced from specific forests, both locally and in Europe, where we have discovered the perfect molecular and cellular wood signature that yields the most beautiful finished product. PID’s specialized internal manufacturing system and global logistics network allows us to source and produce everything your project requires, while allowing you to observe every step along the way. The inLove Collection is all about creativity, science, inspiration, and collaboration. 84 | PID FLOORS INLOVE