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ESC Annual Report 2018


ECONOMIC & FAMILY SOLUTIONS Intensive Case Management BUILDING SELF-RELIANCE, STRENGTHENING FAMILIES USING A STRENGTHS- BASED CASE MANAGEMENT EVIDENCED BASED MODEL Through Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area’s (ESC) Strengths-Based Case Management model, many individuals are ready to make positive changes in their quality of lives. This approach is a free service and totally voluntary. ESC is available for individuals who are interested in making changes but do not know where to start. This evidence based form of case management provides families Success Story LOSS OF A SPOUSE LEADS TO ONE INTERGENERATIONAL FAMILIES’ CHALLENGE Ms. Grisel Amaro, is raising her two granddaughters due to their mother’s abandonment and her son’s incarceration. Ms. Amaro was referred by her minister to Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area (ESC). She lost her husband last year and the home she and her husband had been purchasing was in foreclosure status. She received a stipend from Missouri Family Support Division for the children but this had stopped and with no income she would ultimately lose the home. The with social capital building that many of them lack in their lives. Individuals are paired with trained and educated professionals from ESC and other community resources. With navigational tools the families’ establish realistic goals and work begins towards achieving only public assistance she received was food stamps. ESC’s staffer, Suzanne Becker initially had her sign up for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and also helped her recertify for food stamps and ended up getting an increase in benefits. Ms. Amaro had no medical insurance and was about two years from drawing Social Security. ESC provided her a referral to the Missouri Work Assistance program where she was assisted with her job search. She got a job as a home health professional where her patients love her. Since working with ESC, her income has increased to $1,566.68 per month, not including sporadic child support payments from the children’s mother. Ms. Amaro was • 95 families engaged who wanted to make a different navigational change. • 43% got jobs or retained, of that group 43% increased their income. • These families are no longer receiving entitlement benefits. • Out of 3 individuals, 2 received a higher education degree and one a certificate. • Examples of Increased Income: - Registered Nurse: beginning income $956 per month to $4,160 per month. - Associate’s Degree: beginning income $0 income to $2,346 per month. their goals. Success is measured by: reduction of social services supports, increase in income and development of social capital. able to lease an apartment and recently qualified for ESC’s Jasper County Public Housing Agency’s Housing Choice Voucher program where she was able to receive monthly rental assistance. She and her granddaughters are thrilled with their new home. Ms. Amaro says that she got her first Social Security amount in December 2017 and she has opted to continue to work in addition to the Social Security, stating she likes being busy. ESC has been instrumental guiding this family to getting a job, increasing their income, increasing their social capital in the community and most importantly contributing to the wellness of this family. 26

EDUCATION SOLUTIONS Collaborative Partnerships Increasing Our Neighbor’s Quality of Life Economic Security Corporation of the Southwest Area (ESC) partnered with the Area Agency on Aging, Region X in an effort to assist area low income seniors in filing their Missouri Property Tax or Rent Rebates. The Area Agency on Aging has seen an increase in seniors who need help completing the tax paperwork necessary to get a rebate. In the past, many seniors were turned away due to a shortage of personnel. ESC assisted with Missouri Property Tax preparation for a two month period during the tax season. ESC provided the staff to process taxes and the Area Agency on Aging provided office space at their main office in Joplin and Senior Nutrition sites in Barton, Newton and McDonald Counties. Last year 331 Property Tax and/ or Rent Rebates were processed totaling approximately $147,082 in refunds for area seniors. Many seniors live on very low incomes so any kind of rebate can help their budgets stretch. Rebate amounts vary but can be up to $750, which may assist them in buying food, paying bills or purchasing medications. Empowerment Through Learning Research has proven that the quality of an individual’s education has a significant impact on their success in life. This learning begins with a solid foundation in a child’s early years and continues throughout school and adulthood. Our agency understands the importance of engaging and educating our citizens to be productive members of our society. Educational poverty solutions are best achieved by combining several programs that aim to improve school readiness, boost academic performance and build occupational skills 27

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