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ESC Annual Report 2018


EDUCATION SOLUTIONS SCHOOL READINESS UPDATE School readiness goals mean the expectations of children’s status and progress across domains of language and literacy development, cognition and general knowledge, approaches to learning, physical wellbeing and motor development, and social and emotional development that will improve their readiness for kindergarten. Economic Security Corporation Head Start and Early Head Start assesses children at regular intervals throughout the year. The data is then aggregated to analyze results and make informed decisions regarding adjustments to individual child, classroom and program strategies. 90% of Head Start children entering Kindergarten will achieve 90% or above in each domain. 90% of Head Start children will be at expected age level in each domain. • We achieved our goal in all 6 of the domains measured. This marks nine assessments cycles in a row with 90% achievement in each domain. • We achieved 90% in six out of seven domains measured. • Mathematics, the one domain where we fell slightly below 90%, had the largest gains for children during the school year, gaining over 67 points from initial assessment scores. 38

CAPACITY BUILDING SOLUTIONS Administrative AGENCY CAPACITY Services The Human Resources Department has been very busy in 2017 with the tracking of ACA regulation requirements and the new overtime rule changes and where those regulations may lead us in the future. We have had great success this year with securing Health, Dental and Vision benefits this year, well under the industry average for our employee cost at a 3% increase over last year’s premiums. The Human Resource department works very hard with our insurance broker to build relationships and offer the best possible pricing and benefits for Economic Security Corporation of Southwest Area. We have been faced with many job openings during the year with Early Head Start securing a $6 million dollar grant over the next five years. This has provided 50 new job opportunities throughout the fourcounty area. We have worked hard to secure employment for these positions and only have a few left to fill. Retirement Benefit The Economic Security Corporation of the Southwest Area 403(b) Plan (“Plan”) provides employees with the opportunity to save for retirement and to provide additional income for retirement. Participants can save on a taxadvantaged basis or as after-tax Some of the other tasks that we perform are: • Recruitment and hiring process, review applications for qualifications, complete required background checks and maintain personnel files. • Tracking workman’s compensation claims. We track all accidents and treatment thereafter and have to report annually to the United States Department of Labor on: - Number of accidents - Number of days missed due to workplace injury. • Track time off: vacation, sick leave, unexcused absences and free days. • Perform monthly payments for health insurance premiums and figure the employee’s portions for payment. • Track personnel evaluations to ensure they are performed in a timely basis. • Track unemployment claims. • Make sure random drug tests are performed quarterly per Federal Regulations. • And lastly answer any questions our employees may have throughout the year in regards to their benefits. Professional Development this past year includes both new and renewed certifications. as a Roth. Employees are able to start saving immediately, and the Plan offers a diversified portfolio of competitive investment options. ESC encourages employees to save for their future and matches employee contributions $1 for $1 up to 8% of deferrals. This generous discretionary match is 100% vested immediately. BY THE NUMBERS Associates Degree 1 Certified CCAPs 5 Quality Control 1 Inspector 2 NCRT Professional Development » 2 1 1 9 2 2 New Certified Class Observer Toddler Trainer New Certified Class Observer Infant Trainer Class Observers Renewed Class Observer Toddler Renewed New Child Development Associates Child Development 2 Associates Renewed 2 New Home Visitors CDA's New Certified Class Pre-K Trainers 1 2 Class Observers Infant Renewed Creative Curriculum Trainer This year we had two staff get recognized through the Joplin Regional Business Journal’s Healthcare professionals and Women of Distinction, Donna White, WHNP and Leisa Harnar. 39

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