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10 MANUFACTURING DOMESTIC Artitalia Group has the experience, capabilities, and capacity to manufacture any custom project and understands the importance of meeting deadlines for national and international rollouts. With a total of 9500 000 sq. ft., and 500 employees, our domestic facility is equipped with advanced automated machinery. We are able to manufacture products in various types and forms of metal, wood, and plastic. IMPORT Our overseas manufacturing is an extension of our domestic facility. Located in Xiamen, China, Artitalia Group created alliances with highly-qualified manufacturers in Asia based on the same rigorous standards used in our North American operations. Artitalia group employs a staff of project managers who are present throughout the production cycle of each project. The team is responsible for identifying key touch points for quality control checks. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING

11 AUTOMATED METAL PROCESSING Artitalia Group’s metal capabilities range from processing and transforming various types of forms of metal such as but not limited to cold-and hot-rolled steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Our metal manufacturing capabilities range from operating various types of machinery such as CNC laser tube cutting and laser sheet metal cutting machinery as well as CNC automated grid welding and polishing/grinding station and multiple robotic welding stations and punch and stamping presses. WWW.ARTITALIA.COM #FINDINGTHEARTINEVERYTHING